America’s Walmart’s terrible failing investment in South Africa’s MassMart – Will Walmart ditch Massmart as things go from bad to worse? – My Comments

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[I think it was the Communist, anti-White, bag of shit, Bill Clinton who was pumping up investment in wonderful diversity South Africa. Anyway, the Walmart investment in a company known as Massmart was a huge thing. Personally, I liked Walmart stores in America. Walmart is actually a southern creation. Well, the Black Communists who run South Africa insisted on 101 various nonsense requirements so when Walmart bought MassMart, things looked pretty much the same as always. You did not get any of those cool efficiencies that come from America. Game in particular, was the set of stores in MassMart that we were hoping for huge changes in. Yes, they did make changes but nothing reflected American efficiency. I rarely go to Game, but it's not impressive. And it's going backwards. MassMart is composed of several big groups of high turnover businesses. Builders are the best of the lot. It's a huge DIY store. Below is a story, a paid story I'm afraid, where you can see that Walmart's investment in MassMart is going very wrong and perhaps the Americans will have to dump this ever big loser investment. You see, this Diversity, Rainbow junk does not work. Interestingly, in my career as a computer contractor, I worked for many companies in Johannesburg. I worked for the CNA (Central News Agency), in the days when it was huge, before it went bust. It was also bought out by MassMart. I was there when MassMart bought it out. It was quite a mess. CNA is back these days, but as a tiny shadow of it's former self. There used to be a CNA in every town and city in South Africa at one time. That was before the Internet came and destroyed newspapers, etc. I am enjoying watching Liberalism fail. Nice. I don't read these paid articles, but it looks like it might be good. Jan]

Anyhow here’s the link to the paid article on moneyweb:
Will Walmart ditch Massmart as things go from bad to worse?-

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