Video: US Christian Churches boycott S.African Christians against Interracial marriage!

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Here is the crazy story of American Churches who have cut off monies and support to one of the most intelligent and energetic Christian activists in Africa who has DARED to say in public that he is AGAINST interracial marriage and that this is in line with the BIBLE!

I urge whites to support this Christian, Dr Peter Hammond. Dr Peter Hammond, who was born in Cape Town and grew up in Rhodesia is a fervent Christian missionary in Africa. He has worked all his life to not only spread Christianity but to also fight Communism wherever he comes across it.

Peter has had support from a certain church in the USA for over 20 years. The people who run this church know him personally. They used to give him quite a lot of money for his Christian organisation The Front Line Fellowship.

This US Church in California then discovered that:-

1. Dr Peter Hammond had written that he is AGAINST interracial marriage.

2. He had done an interview with me on HistoryReviewed and he had said some things there that they did not like.


Not only that, but there was a Christian Conference in the USA that was cancelled in it’s ENTIRETY as a result of this sudden fear of “racism”!

Dr. Joel McDurmon in particular, has launched attacks on Dr Peter Hammond here in South Africa for years. I will put up a link to some of those attacks.

The term WASP is not well known outside the USA. It stands for “White Anglo Saxon Protestant. This is a term used mostly to identify Whites in the USA. But of course it has wider application.

Dr Peter Hammond has these 3 websites:-

2 thoughts on “Video: US Christian Churches boycott S.African Christians against Interracial marriage!

  • 20th Oct 2019 at 1:05 am

    Jan, I was thinking that interracial marriage tends to neutralize the white man’s ability to freely engage with radical blacks in a race war (whether with words or arms). The black wife of the white male would not likely approve her white husband criticizing or attacking members of her race in any way. Thus racial interracial marriage is a tactic to paralyze the process for resolving interacial issues is the satisfactory manner. Marriages between members of differing clans is a tactic to enforce peaceful coexistence even to the disadvantage of the groups joined in this manner.. I think this angle deserves further study. What do you think Jan? A.C.


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