American Christians too afraid to defend their race attack Dr Peter Hammond – Attacks by Dr Joel McDurmon


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[The above photo is of Dr Peter Hammond on the left, and his praise of Adolf Hitler. You’ll see what this is about further down.

I did a video recently with Dr Peter Hammond, who comes from Rhodesia like I do. I had heard that there were attacks on Peter by white Christians in the USA! So I asked him about these attacks and the result is this video, which you can watch here: Video: US Christian Churches boycott S.African Christians against Interracial marriage! –

Dr Hammond mentioned that a Joel McDurmon had attacked him. It is ridiculous, that a white Christian in Africa, who has spread Christianity to black people and assisted them for decades, while at the same time, fighting communism wherever he has come across it, should now be called, among other things, a “racist”. This is part of the utterly demented Liberal mentality that one sees in the USA. What have these American Christians done for blacks in Africa? How can that compare to what Dr Hammond has done in Africa?

These Christians in the USA, who are clearly under intense Liberal brainwashing, which causes them to be jittery at the mention of the word “racist”, have been trying to label Hammond at a “racist” … a white man who has earned the trust of large numbers of black Christians across Africa! It is utterly bizarre.

The real issue that Hammond has dug his heels in on, is the issue of interracial marriage. Even blacks in Africa say they do NOT approve of interracial marriage. In fact, they do not even approve of marriage outside of their own tribes!!! So the blacks are 100% in agreement with Hammond that interracial marriage is WRONG! It is indeed, against the Bible! So who are these American Christians, who dare to now call Hammond a “racist?”

I discovered that Dr Joel McDurmon is himself the president of a Christian organisation that is aimed at restoring America’s Christian foundations. You can read about it here: In theory, one would expect McDurmon to be on the “same page” as Dr Hammond.

The original founder of American Vision is a man called De Mar. This is what they write about him on wikipedia:

DeMar has said that not all homosexuals would be executed under a “reconstructed government” but that he did believe that the occasional execution of “sodomites” would serve society well because “the law that requires the death penalty for homosexual acts effectively drives the perversion of homosexuality underground, back into the closet”[7][8]

DeMar also wrote a “long-term goal” should be “the execution of abortionists and parents who hire them”.[7][8][9] Islam is another enemy; in August 2010 he said that “the long-term goal of Islam is the abolition of our constitutional freedoms.”[10][11]

The Southern Poverty Law Center designated American Vision as an anti-gay hate group because of its purported support of the “death penalty for practicing homosexuals.”[10][12][13] However, American Vision has written multiple articles explaining that it does not advocate literal Mosaic “death penalty” for all the Mosaic death penalty crimes, because “Biblical law has transferred First Table punishments from earthly civil governments to the throne of heaven”, and right now only the moral principles are still binding.[14]

You would think this organisation is on the right path, if it is against abortion and gays. If so, why then do they want to paint Dr Hammond as a racist?

In one of the article below you’ll find that Dr Peter Hammond is attacked viciously for standing up for the Germans and telling the truth about WW2. The “neo-Nazi” link is to my website These people really need to study their history. Peter Hammond stands up for Hitler, the Germans and the TRUTH … and they detest this “Neo-NAZISM” of his!

Dr Peter Hammond runs the Frontlinefellowship in South Africa. He has been on the FRONT LINE of fighting communism in Africa for DECADES! I urge you to take a look at his websites:-

I found some articles by Dr McDurmon and other Christians. I urge Christians to look into this matter. You will see the attacks on Hammond, and the various criticisms and replies. Jan]

Here are the links:-

In 2014 is seems Dr McDurmon actually quoted and used Peter Hammond’s exposes on the Communist Terrorist Nelson Mandela. So somebody else then attacked Peter Hammond:

o The Bible vs. Racialism –

In the above article is a direct quote from Peter Hammond:

The following is, at the time of this writing, a live article at quote in particular to note:

I have many friends of all races. However, to marry across the colour line would be to me to betray my parents and all of our ancestors, and my children and future generations. Most importantly I believe it would be a betrayal to Almighty God, who has set the boundaries between nations.

For your further study you may want to see a Bible study that I wrote on Unequally Yoked and an article by a missionary friend of ours on Intercultural Dating and Marriage. Although the Bible study deals primarily with the Scriptures forbidding marriage with unbelievers, you will see that many of the Scriptures are very specific about marriage with other nations as well.


o What’s missing from Peter Hammond’s response? The American Vision –

o Interracial marriage and racism in modern ministry: two prominent –

o Peter Hammond Responds to Joel McDurmon –

o Going Loudly into That Good Night: Joel McDurmon in Full Meltdown Mode –

This article below is a full on attack on Dr Peter Hammond for associating with me on my History Reviewed Website. It goes into an all-out attack, quoting word for word what Peter and I discussed on one of our shows. It makes for interesting reading. This is clearly a 100% buy-in, into the demonizing and LYING about the Germans and Hitler from WW2. These people need to wake up and enter the real world. In this article they say the nastiest things they can about Peter instead of studying the historical facts. So Peter Hammond is now accused of being a “Neo-NAZI” and an evil man. I noted the mention at the top of the article, that some “victim of the NAZIs” was “beheaded”. This is rubbish. The Germans did not behead anyone. That is very likely a Jewish lie. Here’s the article:
o Ignoring Ethnic Hatred, Disregarding Church Authority, and the Future of Christendom –

In this article below they quote, and highly recommend Dr Peter Hammond’s response to Dr McDurmon’s “hit piece” (their words) on Peter Hammond:
o Cultural Marxism & The Marinovian Industrial Complex –

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