To All the White South Africans/Boere who are day dreaming that Putin will save us…

This is a note I sent to someone who was pestering me with pro-Russian stuff. This is what I sent:
Open your eyes and read what the Russians and our Black enemies are saying for f*cks sakes:-

The ANC and Russia:

Zuma and Russia:

Malema and Russia:

If you believe so much in these Russians then do this:

(a) Show me one instance of the Russians giving White South Africans even so much as R1 or one weapon. They’ve never given us ANYTHING.

(b) If you truly believe in the Russians they have an embassy in Pretoria. Go and arrange a meeting with them and ask them whether they would support Boer/White independence in South Africa.

In Putin’s 2019 meeting with the Black leaders from Africa he met DOZENS of Black leaders including the ANC and they even signed MILITARY AGREEMENTS. Were White South Africans invited by Putin? No.

The Russians have been our enemy since the 1950s.

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