The Broeder Bond: Die Afrikanerbond: Suspicions Confirmed

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[I was delighted to see a South African running a website and putting a link to my video about the late great George Lincoln Rockwell. My video is: Video: Rockwell: The greatest NAZI genius AFTER WW2 – Killed by the Jews! – and you can view it here:

The website is called “Hier kom kak” (translation: Here comes trouble/shit).

He describes some of his own experiences including preparing for war in 1994. I’ve not read it but it sounds really interesting. There were whites who were preparing for war then. Even in the final days of Rhodesia there were hopes for a wild fightback in some quarters.

He has an article about the Afrikaner bond. This is the new name for the Broederbond. The Broederbond in the beginning and for several decades WAS A GOOD THING! It was the thing that brought the whites freedom. You know that freedom as APARTHEID. Like NAZISM it was a GOOD THING FOR WHITE PEOPLE but the JEWS HATED IT AND DEMONISED IT.

There are some points I want to make later about Broederbond and the Jews and their relationship to the whites of South Africa especially the Jews.

What I will say is that the AfrikanerBond is evil and anti-white. It allows non-whites in. This is the end result of the Boers being misled by their dealings with the Jews. I will return to the critical turning point when things went downhill for the Boers and how this Jewish filth got in. Let it be said that the whites have been misled into the notions of Liberalism and Multi-cult and this is how this nonsense has come about including the surrender of this nation to the globalists and communists.

It may be that the Broederbond still exists secretly separate of the AfrikanerBond. Either way, the Broederbond is no longer the great thing it originally was.

The article he writes is interesting. At the end is a video about the Afrikanerbond which I’ve not watched but will look at later. His description of them operating like the Jews, etc is much the same as mine. But my assessment is that the Broederbond was changed and I’ll explain later why I think it changed. Jan]

Here’s the link to the article and video:

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