IMPORTANT: Simple Internet ways for Whites to help Whites: Patriot Portal…

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We take a scientific look at Jews. I compare their behaviour to that of parasites that live on animals. I look at the behaviour of Whites and Jews in the same was that we would study the behaviour of animals, and we look at actual film footage.

[Last year I mentioned a website that was driving some traffic to me, which also drove traffic to other pro-white websites. It seems to have disappeared sadly. I really was grateful for the traffic. Now on my statistics for me website I began spotting some hits coming in from a brand new site. Upon closer inspection I found this simple, but most useful little website called: PATRIOT PORTAL and it listed lots of other pro-white websites, and I must tell you this works! I can see the hits coming in. This is the way to do it. This is one of many tricks we can use to drive traffic to each other. I have had a number of ideas in this regard in the past, and I have even been thinking about it in a big way recently, of things that can be done whereby we leverage the power of the internet by doing simple things which help to use that big NET out there to catch whites and to redirect them to ourselves. Jan]

So go and check out Patriot Portal, at this link. You’ll see how basic and simple it is … BUT IT WORKS and it produces a result. I am sure if more whites thought up more ideas we’d do better. And I’ve not forgotten National Vanguard’s search engine based on Google. That was a brilliant move too.

Here’s the link to Patriot Portal:

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