The ONLY book that predicted the future provably in recent time: Golitsyn’s: New Lies for Old


[This is from a discussion we were having with an American military veteran. Jan]

The veteran wrote this about the Berlin Wall coming down:
I told them that the Wall came down because the West had become sufficiently Marxist that a wall was unnecessary. I told them that what they were seeing was not Victory for Freedom, but Globalist Marxist Victory.

I added this:
If you want to see the ONLY book ever written that actually predicted something of the future, then read Anatoliy Golitsyn’s "New Lies for Old".

He was a KGB defector. Years before the fall of the Berlin wall, he predicted, in writing, that the Berlin wall would fall and it would be the result of a deception that communism had died when in fact it merely was busy with new tactics.

It is the only book I’ve ever come across that actually predicted something provably in writing before it happened.

I’m copying my friend Nordlux in Bulgaria. He will tell you that communism is alive and well everywhere in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Communism is everywhere. All of southern Africa right now is ruled by Blacks who are all communists. All of them.

The Russian and Chinese communist alliances are still functioning in support of each other.

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