The Incredible Jewish Plunder & bribery of Africa in Our Age


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A recent case has drawn attention to the theft of Africa’s natural resources by Jewish billionaires and a New York hedge fund, facilitated by their native accomplices, Zionist politicians and Israeli spies.

In 2008, Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz corruptly acquired the mining license for one of the world’s largest iron-ore deposits for only $160 million by paying $50 million to the wife of the then Guinean president. The real value of the mine was later revealed when he sold a 51% stake in the project to the mining corporation Vale for $2.5 billion. However, after a change in the Guinean government, the license was revoked by the new president, Alpha Condé, as it had been corruptly acquired. Vale sued Steinmetz for fraudulently selling them the license and was awarded $1.25 billion by a tribunal in London. However, Steinmetz has recently sought to overturn the ruling using information uncovered by the Israeli spy agency BlackCube (readers may be familiar with their previous work protecting Harvey Weinstein), allegedly showing that the Vale board were aware of potential bribery when they made the acquisition. The Israeli spies boast of having obtained this information through trickery, setting up an elaborate network of shell companies and talking to the Vale executives under false pretenses.

In an act of thunder-striking audacity, Steinmetz argued that this meant he should be compensated by Vale. It is too early to tell yet how this lawsuit will turn out; however, it is striking how Mr Steinmetz has served no time in prison despite having been investigated for corruption and money laundering in the United States, Guinea, Switzerland and Romania.

Perhaps this is related to his international political connections. The prosecution against him in Guinea was dropped in a settlement brokered by the part-Jewish, Zionist former president of France, Nicholas Sarkozy. Incredibly, this deal not only involved Mr. Steinmetz escaping punishment but also allowed him to possibly participate in the new Simandou iron-ore mining project in Guinea in partnership with the Zionist activist and former CEO and treasurer of the British conservative party, Sir Mick Davis.

It appears however that the Guinean government has subsequently reassigned the development rights to a state-run Chinese company, in an example of the conflict playing out across Africa

This is just the latest example of a Jewish middleman using bribery to corruptly obtain mining licenses at a reduced price. Through this process, the money that should belong to the people of Africa for their natural resources is redirected into the pockets of Jewish billionaires and their African henchmen.

Another example of this practice is Daniel Gertler, an Israeli diamond billionaire. Daniel arrived there in 1997, at the age of 23, at the invitation of the local Chabad community, which has deep roots in the country. The chief rabbi of Kinshasa’s Chabad-Lubavith centre arranged for Gertler to meet with Joseph Kabila, the future president and son of the then-president. He granted Gertler a monopoly on the DRC’s diamond sales for the absurdly low price of $20 million, which he needed to fund the army in the ongoing Congolese Civil War.

Gertler also used his international connections to benefit the Kabilas; he intervened on his behalf with Condoleezza Rice in the peace negotiations. In 2009, the Congolese government forced a acquired a cobalt and copper mine to shut down by removing the license of its previous owners. It was then acquired by Mr Gertler for $60 million and sold by him soon after to the Israeli-run Eurasian Resources Group for $865 milllion.

This is only one of the many schemes in which he collaborated with New York hedge fund Och-Ziff to corruptly secure mining mining rights; they repeated a similar process across Africa in Libya, Chad, Niger and Guinea. Och-Ziff was founded and run by the Jewish former Goldman-Sachs banker Daniel Och, with an initial investment of $100 million from the Jewish Ziff family, who were also significant investors in the Weinstein company and donors to Republican supporters of homosexual marriage.

The fund’s African operations were managed by Michael Cohen. Och-Ziff was later prosecuted for this by the US Justice Department and made to pay a fine of $413 million.

As in the case of Steinmetz however, neither Mr Gertler nor the Och-Ziff executives were ever imprisoned for their theft of Africa’s natural resources. It has been estimated that Mr. Gertler’s corruption has cost the people of the Congo $1.36 billion dollar. Gertler has been sanctioned by the US for his corrupt practices and he has fled to Tel-Aviv to avoid justice. However, it has recently emerged that he has hired the former FBI director Louis Freeh and Alan Dershowitz to lobby for these sanctions to be lifted. These sanctions have also failed to prevent him from continuing to act as the middleman in the sale of oil concessions along the Ugandan border.

Another figure who worked with Och-Ziff to corruptly obtain African mining rights was the South African, Walter Hennig.

Walter Hennig is closely tied to the prominent ANC politician and former terrorist “Tokyo” Sexwale. Hennig and Sexwale attempted to arrange a deal whereby they would loan $25 million to the Guinean government’s new mining company and in the case of default, very probable given the Guinean government’s limited resources, would receive the vast amount of 30% of the mining company’s assets. The loan agreement was secret and was only revealed to the public through the efforts of investigative journalists.

The money for the loan originally came from the Och-Ziff hedge fund. Och-Ziff also used Sexwale to facilitate a deal with the notoriously anti-white government of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. In 2008, Och-Ziff provided with a $100 million loan, which the bankrupt Mugabe needed in order to maintain his control before the election. In exchange, Mugabe gave them platinum concessions, which had been confiscated from Anglo-American.

Whites are frequently accused of stealing Africa’s natural resources, but this is only a smoke screen to cover up the mass looting of the continent international Zionists are currently engaging in.

Originally appeared at: National Justice

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