The 53rd Anniversary of the Rhodesian Rebellion against Britain – Cartoon: What is a Rhodesian?


[Vic Mckenzie was the best cartoonist in Rhodesia, in our tiny tribe of 250,000 whites. I see that he drew this up in 2012. There was another cartoonist who was well known in Rhodesia, he was called “Spud”. He did cartoons about Rhodesian Farmers, for the Rhodesian Farmer magazine. Spud is of course a play on the word potato. I’ve still got stacks of Spud cartoons that I’ve never published.

The Rhodesians still exist and the average age of the Rhodesians in South Africa is 78. But they still do things among their small community and there’s a tiny colony of Rhodesian pensioners in the little town of Stilfontein in South Africa, near Klerksdorp.

The 11th November 2018 was the memory of the day we, the whites of Rhodesia, rebelled illegally against Britain. It is a day we celebrate. Jan]

One thought on “The 53rd Anniversary of the Rhodesian Rebellion against Britain – Cartoon: What is a Rhodesian?

  • 11th Feb 2020 at 8:22 pm

    Rhodesians actually created that first world civilization in just 75 years, not 90 years!

    At the time Ian smith declared UDI in 1965 the first pioneer column arrived just 75 years before. Prior to that there was no WHEEL even, no written language, no concept called ‘democracy’ or ‘rights’ because the tribes were ruled purely by the survival of the fittest and most brutal.

    Therefore the much larger population of pastoralist Shona were being driven east toward the coast right out of the country by the Matabele who were an offshoot of the warrior Zulu tribe. White man’s arrival ended the tribal killing and the Black tribes’ population numbers soared.

    At the time of the early pioneers a census done by Selous revealed a huge country with ONLY 200,000 BLACKS, so a largely EMPTY land. When the pioneers set up a Fort (Salisbury) there were NO Blacks residing in the general region whatsoever ie the whine “the whites stole our land” is false as it was no one’s land around Salisbury.

    The Matabele ‘stole the Shonas’ land’ by overpowering them and driving them east. A few hundred years prior, the Shona themselves ‘stole the San Bushmen’s land’ by genociding them and driving their remnants west into the desert.

    The San Bushmen were the original peoples in what is today called Zimbabwe and the rest invaded – the Shona coming in from Nigeria/Malawi, and much later, just a few years before the White pioneer column arrived, the Matabele coming in from South Africa and invading the Shona.


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