South Africa: Home invasion, couple and grandson (8) overpowered, Ackerville

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[From the descriptions, I think it is reasonable to posit that the victims were elderly Whites. Jan]

Police in Mpumalanga have launched a manhunt for a group of men who attacked a couple on 22 April 2021, at about 20:30, in Ackerville near Emalahleni.

According to information reported, it is alleged that a 59-year-old man was with his 50-year-old wife in their living room watching television when their eight-year-old grandson went outside to get fresh air. A few moments later, they heard him screaming and running inside the house whereafter, four armed men stormed in.

They instructed the man to lie down on the floor where they tied his hands with shoelaces.

The suspects then told the old man that they were allegedly sent by someone to kill him but they have changed their minds. Instead of killing him, they want an amount of R5000- 00, to spare his life and another R5000-00, for the life of his wife.

During the commotion, two of the suspects entered the main bedroom, searched it and returned with the man’s wallet which contained bank and clothing cards, a Dell laptop as well as the wife’s purse and other personal items.

They further instructed the man to hand over the keys of a Toyota Fortuner where after two of the suspects proceeded to a filling station’s ATM to withdraw an unclosed amount of cash. Few minutes later, the other two remaining suspects locked the victims in the house, took the keys then drove with the victim’s vehicle which was later found abandoned in Daveyton (Gauteng).

After the suspects have fled from the scene, the wife managed to untie her husband who in turn used a window to exit the house and sought help.


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