EXCELLENT: Why must White South Africans keep on giving to Blacks? Why are Whites the PROBLEM?


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This is a website run by an excellent British man that I know who is a true racialist. He puts out good, solid content.

[This excellent article, apparently written by an Afrikaans lady in South Africa is doing the rounds. Everything she says is true, including that the whites could have clung on to power for another 15 years.
I just want to add that it is very clear, from my studies of “the struggle” as the blacks call it, that the whites could EASILY, if they had wanted, KILLED THE BLACKS BY THE MILLIONS. The vast majority of our excellent army, the SADF, was steering clear of real combat with the blacks and leaving most of the fighting to the Police.
The whites BENT OVER BACKWARDS to SAVE THE LIVES OF VIOLENT BLACKS. They went to extreme lengths to do this. I will still do a video and will show you more detail.
These black communist scum, the ANC, of Nelson Mandela (so beloved by the “Liberal” Jews), is incessantly blaming everything on the whites, and they are making more laws to steal from the whites.
As an outsider, who came to live in SA, from Rhodesia, I was very grateful for the chances the whites in SA gave me. I sat on the sidelines for 20 years in SA, not involving myself in politics, and observing the whites. It is utterly ridiculous to think that the whites were in any way nasty to the blacks.
The blacks are failures themselves. They were given many opportunities and the whites bent over backwards for them. In return, all you hear is a mass of propaganda and hate and lies directed at the whites after 25 years of black rule.
The top black leaders – ALL OF THEM – NOT JUST ZUMA – ALL OF THEM – And Ramaphosa may even be the worst … have been lining their pockets to unbelievable levels.
During white rule, the white Presidents were frugal to an astounding degree that these blacks are NOT. They are wasteful, corrupt, inept, etc. They however always like to kick the whites and to blame their own failures on the whites EVEN THOUGH THE UNTOLD STORY OF SOUTH AFRICA IS THAT WHITES ARE THE ONES, EVEN NOW, HOLDING THIS COUNTRY TOGETHER.
My own view is that we must wash our hands of these blacks and strike out in our own direction and find another way forward for ourselves, as whites only, without these ridiculous blacks and their endless stream of lies and venom.
I wrote about how, these communist blacks would always want to “share” that which belongs to us. This never stops … Their GREED and LIES know no bounds….
The WORST IDEA TO EVER COME TO SOUTH AFRICA WAS THE IDEA OF BLACK RULE. Liberals, Jews and Communists played the key role in creating this nightmare. Jan]

Subject: Food for thought

Well done Amanda Botha – who wrote this…


White South Africans are often accused that their “sense of superiority”, their “white privilege” is the reason why the multicultural New South Africa and the Rainbow Nation is a failure. It is apparently the unwillingness of the white man to share property and wealth that is the cause of all the misery.

Now, if we look at the recent history of South Africa, we will discover that power was not won by struggle as the ANC and the rest of black South Africa claims.

Political analysts and experts such as the late Dr F van Zyl Slabbert, are unanimous in this:

The apartheid government could easily have hung on to power for at least another 15 years. The hand-over was done voluntarily through a majority “Yes” vote to a referendum by white South Africans in 1992.

And with power, quite a number of other things were wrapped up in the parcel.

25 years later we need to assess what was done with that and with this assessment comes the question:

Tell us: WHY must WE give even more?
Tell us: Why must WE respect what black majority government did with what was given to them?
Tell us: Why YOU deserve even more trust, even more opportunities?
Tell us: Why do YOU believe that WE don’t have the right to say: “Enough now. We’re going to walk away and take care of our own future. We now demand self determination.”

Tell us why: YOU were given power and you corrupted government with it.

YOU were entrusted with education, transport and health!!!!

Today WE sit with “Matriculants” who pass with 30%.!!!

WE have patients bleeding to death on hospital floors while nurses have a tea break!!!

WE have a public roads system which was the best in Africa, now hardly suitable for any vehicle and we have trains constantly set alight.

YOU were entrusted with a heritage.

National heritage sites such as Augusta Manor House, Bloemfontein Town Hall and numerous statues were burned and destroyed.

Places and streets were renamed after people who had no link with them at all. Our language was removed as a language of tuition in higher education centers founded through the existence of that language in the first place!

YOU were entrusted to make our sports teams internationally competitive. Through YOUR quota systems YOU turned us into the laughing stock of the world.

YOU were handed a civil aviation company which was one of the oldest and most reliable in the world. YOU bankrupted that.

YOU were handed Denel, the Post Office, Eskom, Sars, Transnet, Iscor…all functional and profitable. YOU bankrupted them, sold them off to Indians and Chinese, looted them and ran them ALL straight into the ground.

Everything YOU received was destroyed, corrupted, bankrupted and compromised.

The only ones YOU tried to set up in 25 years became a failure – such as VBS Bank.

And now YOU claim that white arrogance is the reason why there is a lack of respect for black majority government.

We don’t disrespect your government because it is black, WE disrespect it because it is dysfunctional, corrupt and incompetent!!!!!

So tell us again: Why do WE need to keep giving you more and more opportunities when WE have seen what YOU did with what we have already given you?

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