South Africa’s worst violence in 140 years? – Did 9,000 prisoners escape from a prison in Natal?


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If you think we whites have problems, you have no idea what the blacks get up to. Some years ago I came across stories of blacks in Soweto, South Africa having sex with dogs. In this story, Police in Zimbabwe are looking for a Gutu man who was caught having sex with his neighbour‘s donkey.

There are a couple of stories in the MSM about prisoners who escaped in Natal during the extreme violence. Like these:-

20 prisoners are on the run from a group of 31 who escaped during the violence:

One Black died trying to escape from prison:

But I have come across references, which seem to indicate that the Zulus were trying to create a massive jail break at a jail whose name begins with "West". And the suggestion is that possibly, 9,000 prisoners escaped. I cannot be certain. But I’m looking for more info on this.

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