SA: Christian Rebellion: Crusaders: One Donor for Harry Knoessen’s Legal costs…

I had one person leave this message for me:

Can we donate towards Harry Knoesen’s defence?

To be honest I have not even thought of this. But its a good idea.
I will have to see if I can find any Crusaders.

All the Crusaders disappeared and the whole organisation was dismantled within hours of
Harry’s arrest. But the good news is that there must be hundreds of them around.

I am suspecting that their “command and control procedures” are either totally damaged or
very limited in functionality since the Hawks are still rushing around the country investigating
them and trying to arrest people.

So far only 5 have been arrested as far as I know.

They will appear in court on 20 January 2020. So I will have to see if I can find anyone reliable
I could deal with. One would need to find someone who is trustworthy.

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