VERY IMPORTANT: Christian Rebel: Is this the true & untold story of how Harry Knoesen tried to help Black people?


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[I have received a number of messages on my website from a person, who “does not exist”. I will not give any details about this “person”. This may help me in identifying this person, if this person wishes to come forward with more info then I will know if its the same person. 

This is the same person who suggested that we collect money for Harry's legal defense. 
This person wrote a very interesting thing in a message to me – even though I do not know who this person is. But what is written in here, could be verified, and if it is true, then it puts a whole new spin on the Harry Knoesen and Crusaders rebellion. 
For whites outside South Africa, you will most likely not know who the ACDP is. It is African Christian Democratic Party. This is a political party that is multiracial and mostly black and it seems Harry was involved with them for long and tried to help them. But they are corrupt. He tried to write a book about it – but nobody would publish it. The gist of this is that Harry may have tried to work with black people and help them, and that maybe in the end, he was wiped out by them. 
I have no way of verifying this. So I'm putting this info out, so that we can begin digging, because if there is truth to this, then there is more to Harry Knoesen than meets the eye. 
A “k boetie” in the terminology below is basically someone who is very fond of black people. It is a derogatory term whites have used against other whites who are far too friendly to blacks.
The final sentence claims that Harry lost all his savings in BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) – which is basically when blacks get a portion of your business. 
I cannot say how much, if any, of this is true, but if any of it is, especially the ACDP part and the BEE part, then this could put a big new twist on the Harry Knoesen story. 
The portion about Rhodesia … I'm not convinced about. So I am spreading this in the hope that we can find out more. Jan]

Here is the message I received:-

If you had to ask him what he was doing in SA , he would tell you that his family already lost everything in Rhodesia. If you had to ask him why he wants to attack first , he will tell you that he already went thru this once as a child, and he knows the signs of the end.

If you had to ask him if he was born a racist he would tell you that right thru the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s his own white people called him a “K” boetie, as he walked with them and stood up for them. He was part of the ACDP.

He wrote a book exposing corruption white and black, never got published as nobody would touch it, ask him for a copy_ will answer a lot of your questions.

His only intention is to ensure a better SA for those who deserve it.

Ps: he also already suffered the full blow of BEE losing his whole life savings in business.

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