Black Communist: Politically weak and inconsequential Jacob Zuma free again — for now – My Analysis

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[Zuma is against the Black Jew Ramaphosa. Both of them want to destroy
Whites, but they're also fighting an internal struggle for control of
the ANC Communists who rule us. Zuma is a Zulu. I keep an eye on Zuma
and the Black Jew Ramaphosa. Luckily, for both of them, things are not
going well. The mention of "Machine gun" was that Zuma used to sing a
song "Bring me my machine gun" which was always a reference to killing
Whites. But in reality he ended up doing other things, and in many ways
his fall-out with the Jew-powered part of the ANC was good. It has
brought South Africa downwards faster. Jan]

As of today, Zuma will no longer have to account to the Department of Correctional Services, but the future is bleak for the former president as he navigates a path through a lack of political capital that is plain as day.
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Had former president Jacob Zuma served his full 15-month sentence for contempt of court, he would have been released from Estcourt Correctional Facility a free man today (Friday, 7 October).

Had he been released on this day, he may have exited the prison with throngs of bused-in supporters waiting in the KwaZulu-Natal sun, eager for a wave from the octogenarian, clamouring to see him dance, to cackle, to plead for his machine-gun.


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