S.Africa’s Black Trump issue: Zuma – (former President) Zuma Goes Rogue, Defies Top Court – My Analysis

[Running from the court? That's an offence! Not a wise thing to do. There is a campaign to destroy Zuma that is a South African version of destroying Trump. I'm not a fan of Zuma, but I trust the Black Jew Ramaphosa even less. The Zuma issue has divided the Blacks in the ANC a lot. The future may be one where Blacks will KILL EACH OTHER FOR CONTROL OF THE ANC. They will do their utmost not to split the ANC because then they're finished, so they'll kill each other instead. Zuma is a communist like the rest, but he's been truer to their communism than others and he managed to make a lot of headway in politics against the odds. What's unique about Zuma is that he is a Zulu who won the trust of the Xhoasa who dominate the ANC. The White Liberals and Jews are hunting Zuma down like crazy. The Rich can't stand him. Jan]

Former president Jacob Zuma says he will defy the country’s top court and refuse to obey an order to give evidence to a commission investigating corruption. His announcement came after South Africa was rocked by testimony to the commission.

In the words of veteran journalist Marianne Thamm in the Daily Maverick, Zuma’s accession to power opened the way to "the creation of an unlawful, parallel, secret security state, funded by public money, much of which remains unaccounted for, and which served Zuma’s personal and political interests for more than a decade." The State Security Agency targetted political rivals in the governing African National Congress and even unlawfully detained one of Zuma’s wives, from whom he was estranged. Firearms issued illegally are still missing and some media houses and journalists were secretly bankrolled.

An editorial in New Frame concluded: "This week’s testimony, though presented in the slow, careful and often tedious prose of the legal process, tells a story that runs like a spy thriller. It is a dystopian tale in which a James Bond villain wins state power in a brutalised and once radiantly hopeful country, and then swiftly proceeds to destroy its institutions, manipulate its media, campuses, trade unions, NGOs and courts, preside over the massacre of striking miners and the assassination of grassroots activists, and put a permanent end to any remaining innocence about its past, present and future."

Source: https://allafrica.com/view/group/main/main/id/00076641.html

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