S.Africa: Spate of Farm Murders: Afrikaner Self–determination Party: Its not farm attacks they are Terror ist attacks

[Exactly. The terror war on us has NOT stopped since filthy Black Communist rule in 1994. We stopped fighting them, but they NEVER stopped their attacks on us. It's nice to see someone in politics standing up and saying something in public. In the end, we WILL UNITE successfully. All whites will. Jan]

The Afrikaner Self–determination Party, in a media statement on 10 July 2020, issued by the leader of the party, Adv. Jurg Prinsloo SC, said ‘The term “farm attacks” for this onslaught is in our opinion unsuitable. These attacks are terrorism’.

The terrorist onslaught against farmers with light skins in South Africa:

In the most recent few weeks, the violent onslaught against farmers with light skins in South Africa has clearly escalated. The term “farm attacks” for this onslaught is in our opinion unsuitable. These attacks are terrorism.
The attacks are currently executed without exception by groups of dark-skinned terrorists against light-skinned people and their families. That demonstrates firstly prior planning by these groups to be able to overpower the farmers and their families, and secondly that there is a clear underlying racially motivated agenda for these attacks.

The attacks are carefully planned and are executed with precision. The terrorists lie in wait for the farmers and their families at their home or farms or attack them there with the intention of torturing them in or near their supposedly safe homes and to then kill them or leave them gravely injured there.

The objective of these attacks is therefore not simply to steal the property of the farmers or their families. The objective is to strike as much fear into the victims and other farmers as possible.

The Afrikaner Self-determination Party holds the South African government liable for its disgusting failure to protect the light-skinned farmers of the country.

The farming community is seriously advised to appropriately prepare itself to be able to ward off this terrorist onslaught. That includes mutual assistance.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/afrikaner-self-determination-party-its-not-farm-attacks-they-are-terrorist-attacks/

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