Alex Linder & Jan re: Orania: What I.F. Stone said about Blacks…

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A reader sent this fascinating note. I like and agree with the conclusions, that for the blacks, freedom is joblessness. Very true. It’s going exactly down that path. Freedom will allow the blacks to live in huts again and to resume their mode of life that we interrupted WITH PROGRESS!!!!

Here’s the note:

Jan, I enjoyed your recent podcast on blacks and their problems. Also, I recently heard you and Alex on Orania. I always like your site and commentary. The one on blacks reminded me of an old South African saying when the blacks failed: ‘Africa wins again.’ Like they always said, ‘one man, one vote, one time.’ It’s always thoughtful how, whenever blacks go anywhere, they bring unemployment, crime, and rioting. You explained it very well. It real led a book I read by Shiva Naipaul, Journey to Nowhere, on Jonestown. He quoted I.F. Stone on the black dilemma: ‘The American negro was condemned to live in Egypt, but it was an Egypt that had already built its pyramids and no longer needed slaves. ‘Mechanization on the farm and automation in industry have at last set him free, but now freedom turns out to be joblessness.’ ‘A technologically sophisticated society has no use for these people. They are redundant. They are good for nothing.’ I.F. Stone, as you know, was a communist.

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