S.Africa: Blacks steal $47 billion in ($2.7 billion) metal annually – New law to prevent cable theft, fences, iron posts, etc

[The scrap metal industry might be destroyed thanks to all these Blacks stealing stuff. I wonder what this will cause the Blacks to switch to? They'll be stealing something else! The Transvaal Agricultural Union below is very happy about this. Jan]

TLU SA welcomes the news of new measures to address and prevent the theft of cables, fences, iron posts, etc. and curb its sale as scrap material.

“It is good to know that all the input that was given has been listened to. This issue is one that directly affects agriculture with the theft of electrical cables – both copper and aluminium – wire, iron poles and droppers. This is of course a step that we welcome and one that will have an impact…if it is implemented,” says Mr Henry Geldenhuys, TLU SA President.

The government this week announced details of targeted measures to address the theft of public infrastructure for resale as scrap metal, which damages the economy by more than R47 billion annually. The measures involve the ban on the export of scrap copper and ferrous metal for a period of six months, which will be followed by a system to regulate trade in such metals.

In future phases, new measures will be introduced, including the ban on the use of cash in copper and scrap metal transactions, following legislative amendments, and the limitation of exports to a certain number of exit ports.

These measures were considered and approved by Cabinet on 16 November 2022, as part of a comprehensive package of measures to address the damage caused by metal theft to public infrastructure, the economy, and communities.

“For us as farmers and an organisation that represents agriculture, the most important thing is that the legislation is applied. This is going to be the real test as with everything. However, this is a good start, and we will keep a close eye on progress and implementation.”

Source: https://www.tlu.co.za/en/tlu-sa-welcomes-new-legislation/

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