2005: S.Africa: Military Museum – The White Plot to build a Nuclear Bomb


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I just have to tell you all about this. Last night on TV news, there was our Minister of Defence… Mr Lekota… who did the unthinkable. He did not at any time, say anything negative about the recent madness in arresting the curator and his two assistants at the South African Military Museum.

Kindly note… the poor curator recently had an eye operation and was walking around with a bandage over his eye. Our wonderful military/Police apparently took his eye drops away… which he was supposed to put in his eyes every 2 hours. I suspect that PRESUMABLY… those eyedrops… could have been used to build a NUCLEAR BOMB… with which ALL of SOWETO could have been wiped off the face of the Earth… hence they had to rip it out of his hands… Phew!!

Lekota, who is regarded as one of our “finest”, and slickest, and most cultured ministers… Went on to say at the Press Conference that he wanted to thank our vigilant Military Intelligence and other intelligence organs… for their sterling work in uncovering these extremely dangerous weapons (the four old armoured cars I mentioned in a previous news item).

Now… this kind of madness… is relatively common in South Africa, when some state organ will do something seemingly stupid… and a Minister will praise them. And its the sort of thing that often has whites scratching their heads, and then they dismiss it as part of the “typical madness” which seems to infect only blacks.

But in the case of the arrest… along with IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL OF CHARGES… against the Curator and his male and female assistant… is curious.

Now it makes you wonder why is the Minister praising the Military Intelligence people if… in the end… the weapons… in some cases… were on the books since 1947… and not a single person was actually charged with a crime. Furthermore… all the weapons were actually DONATED directly to the Military Museum from the South African Army. Duh! Which leaves one wondering… what the heck has the Minister been sniffing recently… or is he really serious?

Let me decrypt what I believe is going on. Firstly… when a Black Minister in our Govt says anything… he says what he means… He really is serious… even if… to the rest of us, it appears as if he is a raving lunatic.

Secondly… The ANC has a very long history, through their Soviet training, of playing the propaganda campaign to great effect. They *LOVE* finding some story… well… most often there are no juicy stories so they have to invent the whole damned thing… and then… they flash it across the world… in an effort to smear us. The whole story is totally bogus… has ZERO BASIS IN FACT… but… they pump it out because… someone in New York, or London, is unlikely to check on the facts… and will just push it out and accept it as fact. 99% of the people reading the story… will never bother to check up on it… And herein lies the secret of a “Government Global Smear”….

Do you remember the story of a White Farmer who fed a live black worker to his lion? They put this story out… across the world… and it looked like: “In Africa, White Afrikaner farmers have to feed their lions every morning by tossing a live black worker or two into their enclosure.” Here Shumba… here’s your ration for the day… The Boer grips the screaming black worker by his leg… flings him over the fence… more screams… and munching sounds… and ANOTHER NORMAL DAY ON AN AFRIKANER FARM BEGINS…

The reality… was that a skeleton was found… and they arrested a white builder (not farmer) and TWO BLACK MEN… and then they went to trial… And I’ve since then not found out what actually transpired at the trial. But for global consumption… the Govt and their supporters pumped out the whole “White BOER Farmer Feeds Live Black Worker to a Lion” story…

And then of course… the world says: Tutt, tutt… Naughty African Whites must stop feeding live black people to farm animals!!! Naughty White People!!!

So… in recent months… The Govt swooped down on Sir Mark Thatcher… accusing him of trying to overthrow a tyrannical black govt (which by all accounts deserves to be overthrown and stomped into the ground)… He never said he actually plotted it… except that INDIRECTLY, and UNWITTINGLY… he happened to be supporting someone else… who had that intention.

Anyhow… So shortly after Sir Mark Thatcher was run out of this country… to avoid a jail sentence… we now see the same Govt swooping down on the lovely little Military museum… and declaring those 3 academics there… a threat to world peace… and we see these bizarre headlines telling us that they were plotting (with four old armoured cars)… to wipe out all of Soweto and kill millions of blacks!

Methinks: The Govt is engaging in a type of intimidation… running around… trying to lay their hands on anything that they can pump up, blow as far out of proportion as possible… to try to find the “Great Rightwing Conspiracy” to overthrow the Black Govt. (Have they been taking lessons from Hillary Clinton perhaps?). Anyhow… Methinks… they are trotting around… looking for “examples” that they can make of certain people… to show us… how vigilant they are… and how, they are just itching to kick our asses… the minute we do the slightest thing wrong.

There are no “Great White Conspiracies”… which they can actually find… (except the old Boeremag… maybe)… and since there are NONE… they have to invent a threat which does not have any basis in fact… Hence… going after Sir Mark Thatcher… the Military Museum… grabbing a bunch of White and Black Security Guards and branding them as “mercenaries”… etc…

Ever since the arrest of the “White & Black Mercenaries”… I have been saying that part of it… could be to “send strong signals” to intimidate Whites in Africa… into staying away from anything that smells of an overthrow of the Govt. In my view… this is a type of Government Terrorism aimed at intimidating Whites…

But deep down… it must also show something else… It must also show that deep, deep in their hearts… They do fear that Whites will rise up against them… They wouldn’t be going to these great lengths… inventing and “destroying” one “White Conspiracy” after another with such a public fanfare… If it did not serve any purpose. It must show… that this is their first line of defence: TERROR… to scare all Whites into towing the line… so that the Government does not throw us in jail on some trumped-up/invented charge.

Yeah… Deep in their Hearts… Our Black Government obviously must know there is discontent among Whites… And their plan must be to flex their muscles, rattle their sabres…. and put the fear of God into us… To prevent us from doing anything.

In short… they’re just using their old Soviet Terrorist Tactics… to kick us into line like Mugabe uses his Chinese Terrorist Tactics to kick his blacks into line.

So I think this bizarre arrest of the academics at the Military Museum is an attempt at showing us the lengths they will go to… to KICK OUR WHITE ASSES INTO LINE.


Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=104604

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