S.Africa Blacks Hate Israel: AWESOME: Jews are getting scared of their VIOLENT BLACK PETS & busy FAKING LOVE FOR BLACKS!!!

I’m busy chuckling here as I look at some rather strange Jewish crap stories. I was wondering what God’s chosen race of rats are up to.

But after looking at some strange Jewish stories, I now realise that Jews are starting to FEAR BLACK ANGER against them. Here in South Africa, the Jews are courting the blacks to the maximum of their ability. But the blacks, who themselves are communists and used to be buddies with the Jews, and had Jewish leaders, like Joe Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils, are actually very antisemitic and the blacks in South Africa have quite a deep hatred of Israel. It is quite hilarious that they hate Israel and I enjoy it.

Now in Israel, the Jews have been complaining in recent years about BLACKS and they’ve been throwing blacks out of Israel. Keep in mind that in Ethiopia you get black Jews and they are properly recognised as Jews. You get Jews in all kinds of trash forms. But that’s their problem. So the Israeli’s have not been keen to continue bringing in these BLACK JEWS from Africa!!!

You will recall that in New York the blacks have been doing some good work smacking those Jews around, and I think its come as a strong to the Jews. But I think other things are putting pressure on them, including some propaganda that American Police, who are killing blacks DUE TO THEIR TRAINING BY ISRAELI POLICE!!!

So the Jews are running around doing some damage control regarding the blacks!!!

They’re even quickly taking in some Ethiopian Jews!

I do enjoy it when the Israelis are forced to bring in their non-white Jewish BROTHERS!!!! Hahahahaha.

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