My Mass Fixes for the Malware infections on AfricanCrisis & White-Shop – DONE


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I wrote myself a nice little computer program to automate my hunt for the malware that embeds itself on my site. The malware I’m dealing with is the robotics one. On white-shop my program found and fixed 144 infected records in the database. On AfricanCrisis it found 2151 infected records.

I found that the infections were everywhere, not just on posts.

There are some other security actions I will now take on both websites.

And then I need to look once again at the actual programs on the site. I spotted the allow-space infection again, and it concerns me. I thought I had wiped it out.

I do have software that is blocking new infections and I’m getting daily reports of the infections that have been blocked.

The allow-space infection bothers me the most because it gives a clickable link to people, and I’m trying to stop that.

Otherwise, its been a good exercise, and the software I wrote will have some other potential uses for me on odd occasions. And you never know if new infections come.

I saw that you can ask experts for advice, but the costs are pretty nasty … from $200 to $500+ … and I would prefer then to rather figure things out myself rather than pay those amounts.

So I’m pleased with my little program. It has served me well. But I still need to do other checking.

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