Photos: IMPORTANT: WAR: US Green Berets are training the Mozambique army to take on a growing insurgency linked to ISIS

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[This shows how serious the USA is about this. If the USA begins monitoring this, then there will be some success. Though I think the USA is going to struggle with the Mozambican army. I still don't like it because Frelimo was an enemy of the Whites. They say negative things about DAG, but the guys at DAG did an EXCELLENT JOB, despite their small numbers. From what I can see, DAG did the best. I do find it fascinating that the tiny Muslim army BEAT BACK the Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group! That astounded me. If the USA is going to fight in that province, it will indeed be interesting to see. There seems to be some dispute as to whether the Americans are there just to train, or whether they will in fact be fighting. It is possible that due to military secrecy, that the USA will be fighting with drones, but they won't say it openly. We will have to monitor this. WHAT IS CRITICAL IS THAT THE MUSLIM ARMY IS LESS THAN 1,000!!! They only number about 800 but they are growing rapidly in numbers. So it is a very tiny army, but it's a very tiny army of Black Muslims that have fought quite well I must say. Also, it appears to me that ISIS is like a business franchise!!! The fact that the USA is here is fascinating. This story just gets ever more interesting by the day. What few people know, and which I reported on AfricanCrisis more than 15 years ago, was that when the Americans began this "war on terror", the CIA came to Johannesburg, and for several months, they were grabbing Muslims in Johannesburg and chucking them on military planes and they would disappear. Their families would be hunting for these Muslims. It is clear that in South Africa there were Muslims who were keen to join the global jihad. I am certain that there are Muslims in South Africa who will assist and give money to these Black Muslims. This little war is going to be interesting. These Black Muslims use an old trick the Black Communists used which is to merge with the masses. That will make it more difficult to find them and to kill them. I think these Muslim terrorists are quite good actually. I still think that DAG was the only group that actually really kicked ass, and we can be proud of them. I don't care about the atrocity nonsense stories. Jan]

A US soldier talks to a Mozambique soldier next to a US C-130J in Maputo, Mozambique, April 5, 2019.

  • US Army Green Berets are on the ground in Mozambique training the army to take on a growing insurgency linked to ISIS.
  • Mozambique’s inability to quell the violence has already drawn in Russian and South African mercenaries, who’ve failed to counter the militants.

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