Quick South African Zuma Violence Update for Wednesday… New stress between Blacks & Indians


Just a quick note about the violence in South Africa for Wednesday. The peak of the violence was definitely on Monday. The peak was 130 incidents. Then on Tuesday it fell to the 50 range. But on Tuesday, there were more non-Whites who were able to come to work. There is still a bit of violence but it is going down. On Wednesday there were over 30 incidents country-wide.

There are still stirrings that there might be something new in other areas. But so far, the main area was Durban in Natal, on the coast, and the second big area was Johannesburg where I live. But I only heard sirens on Sunday. Otherwise it is quiet in our suburbs.

Many businesses closed as a precaution.

But a lot of them might open tomorrow.

So the violence definitely seems to be sliding down.

There is however tension between the Zulus (Blacks) in Durban and the Indians who live there because Indians shot 2 Blacks.

The tension between the Zulus and the Indians is actually a very interesting twist. This could result in some racial stress. The Zulus and the Indians had stress decades ago, but this changed when all the non-Whites were against the Whites. This recent stress could result in new issues between the Zulus and the Indians. It might cause things to resurface which have been long forgotten.


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