INCREDIBLY Dumb South African lockdown records: COVID-19 vs Police vs Army

Let’s look at more pure black South African idiocy during lockdown.

I had said, initially, that we should see how many people are killed by COVID and how many are killed by the Police. So far, COVID is somewhat ahead:

Total COVID deaths to date: 58
Total number of people killed by the Police during lockdown: 8
The Army has killed 1 person. So total blacks killed by Police+Army: 9

Now we can add a new category: How many Army died during the lockdown. Yes, how many troops died… for no particular reason.

Total number of army who died during lockdown: 3
So ironically, more army died during the lockdown than the people they killed!!!

I think I saw an article that 89 Police have been ARRESTED during lockdown. I think so, but I can’t find the article now. I’m quite sure though, that more Police were arrested by the Police, for violations of lockdown rules (e.g. drinking alcohol), than the total number of people killed by COVID!

But, the greatest sign of idiocy is this: The total number of people infected (with the harmless virus) is: 3465
However…. the total number of people (probably almost all, being non-whites) who were arrested by the SA Police is over 17,000

So there you have it. Covid insanity… only in South Africa.

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