From Jan: New Videos, new techniques … been hard at work… – #TeamWhite – Lots of VIDEOS coming…

Just a quick note. I’ve been a bit slow on things this week, including not continuing with my replies to people.

I have been preparing an important new video series about Napoleon and white South Africans, but also preparing new methods that I’m pioneering on #TeamWhite with Alex Linder.

It’s actually the result of me doing talks in SA and the USA. I ended up doing an interview in the USA with some people in San Diego, where I told them, verbally, what was in the content of my actual lecture. I did this over the phone. Then I decided I could actually do something much better which can be used under ALL CONDITIONS, regardless of how I speak to people.

But the trick is to then turn that into VIDEO!

Sadly, the San Diego people got very paranoid when I came back with my new idea and nobody in the group wanted further communication. They were especially paranoid about SPYING … while I’m in South Africa … forgetting that the greatest spying engine that exists is in the USA … the NSA. If I can be spied on in SA, I assure you, I can be spied on as easily, or more easily in the USA … or that’s how I thought. I was very disappointed with the San Diego people.

Anyhow, I’ve been experimenting with some new methods and going through the teething problems, especially in my Napoleon video which I’m releasing in 3 parts. I’ve solved all the problems after doing several reruns since last week. It took quite a lot of time. But I hope you like it.

I’ve also been writing software and getting ready for my next #TeamWhite with Alex where we’ll really use this in a BIG WAY!

At the core of my new stuff, lies a serious problem, that annoyed me a LOT in the days when I did youtube videos and later videos on my own websites. There are certain extremely irritating technical problems that I wanted to overcome in the video making. This means that the videos should be much better to watch in the coming months.

BUT I will ALWAYS create audio-only also out of the videos so that people can listen easily while on the move. Then if they want to see relevant parts of the videos then they can come back later and jump in to that exact place.

I’m very excited by this because now I’ll be able to make VIDEOS out of many things I did in the past, which I just did not have the time to turn into proper videos. You’ll be able to see old and new photos and actually SEE what I’ve been up to …

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