Bitcoin & Etherium BREAK – Officially Bitcoin is now in a Bear (collapsing) market

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I was looking at the latest numbers. My own assessment of the charts of Bitcoin and Etherium weeks ago were correct. The Bitcoin market has been BROKEN. It fell from the $50,000 mark downwards and eventually seemed to coalesce at $30,000. It spent a lot of time there trying to recover and fly upwards.

But according to the charting method I use, it needed to break BELOW $30,000 in order to truly be in an "official" bear market. And it has done that now. It has broken below it. It surged a bit up to $33,000 but that means nothing. We are in a proper BEAR market for Bitcoin now.

Etherium is following hard on it’s heels.

The entire crypto market follows the moves of Bitcoin.

So this means that the entire crypto market is either broken or heading for broke.

The Elite smashed it at $60,000. I suspect they did NOT want Bitcoin to reach $100,000 as it would have empowered it much more.

Never mind, the crypto market moves fast. It will be back within 3-4 years at the most.

My own prediction is that a year from now we’ll be able to buy bitcoin really cheaply, and be able to stock up on it for it’s return and then we’ll rock.

I remain a firm believer in crypto.

The powers that be could not allow it to rise unchecked. That would have been too much of an affront. So they broke it. But they broke it in 2018, and it came back. It will be back. Crypto is here to stay.

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