Coronavirus in SA: All the confirmed cases

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LATEST – 27 MARCH: Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has announced that the country has had its first coronavirus-related deaths. The two deaths were in the Western Cape.

Total cases are now 1170.

This is a developing story, Health24 will update as we receive information via official channels.

26 March: 927 cases (218 new confirmed cases)

NOTE: 5 people (25 March) out of the positive results have now, with their latest test results, showed a negative test result, according to Health Minister Zweli Mkhize.


409 – Gauteng

229 – Western Cape

134 – KwaZulu-Natal

49 – Free State

5 – North West

9 – Mpumalanga

6 – Limpopo

2 – Northern Cape

5 – Eastern Cape

79 – Cases that are not allocated per province.

Recent updates from the health authorities have included less details than updates up until 22 March – those details can be found here: Details of confirmed cases.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize notes in a statement:

“South Africans would have noted that as the number of confirmed cases increase, some cases were unallocated by province, age or gender. This is because the NICD not only has the responsibility of analysing data from each laboratory, but has found itself searching for the missing patient information of the confirmed cases.

“This has proven to be an administrative burden that, if not rectified, will hamper our efforts to immediately be in contact with patients who have tested positive, determine whether they require hospitalisation or can be treated in self-quarantine and more importantly trace all other individuals that they have been in direct contact with.

“This is the only way we can flatten the curve: We must know every individual that has been exposed, they must be immediately screened and those that require testing, must be tested without any delay while they remain in self – quarantine.

“If those contacts test positive, we must further identify their contacts because they also become potential positive cases. Simply put, this is a vicious cycle! And without quickly fully identifying confirmed cases and their direct contacts, the spread of the virus will just keep rising. This therefore calls for us to take stringent measures to ensure that we have all the information that is required.”


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