Rhodesia & Britain: Stupid Jewish/Freemason Britain & Brexit – Roy Welensky about Britain & the EU


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I have not said much about BREXIT, because I’d not formed an opinion on it really. However it is exceptionally suspicious that Jews and Freemasons were running around calling for BREXIT.

Britain has a "nationalism" that is totally controlled by Jews and Freemasons. They come and define Britain nationalism and British values to favour them. I have also come to realise that Britain is literally a Banking/Financial services nation… of some pretty DODGY repute. Britain is literally an Island that is a Jewish banking/money-laundering operation. Seriously. This is a far cry from "the mighty British Empire".

With regard to Britain fleeing from the EU, I want to mention something briefly. This year I’ve done quite a bit of research on some things which I’ve only partially published. Among them being Professor Quigley (all still unpublished), the Portuguese (partially published) and Rhodesia (all still unpublished).

I came across a fascinating statement by Roy Welensky, the Prime Minister of Rhodesia at one time. He’s not my favourite character. He was a 1/2 Jew and 1/2 Boer. He led a temporary, but interesting nation called "The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland", which is also a topic to return to.

Welensky had many dealings with the British and he did try to do some things for Rhodesia. Welensky made an interesting observation about Britain’s dropping of its empire and the EU. Welensky said that after his many interactions with the British that he was convinced that Britain, in dropping its Empire, was turning its focus to the EU.

Now here we are decades later and the Brits want to flee the EU, while Ireland, for example, is still sane and linked to the EU and there was hope that Scotland would be sane and would strike out for its independence and links to the EU.

It appears to me that the Brits are now fleeing from the EU. Why? Has the EU turned into a failure for the Brits? Are the British really dependent on the THIRD WORLD whereas the Europeans and Irish can fit into the the FIRST WORLD?

These are questions to ponder.

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