Co-operation between White Men and Women during War: The Boer War and the German Tribes


[This is a note I wrote to one of the ladies on my website. Jan]

I wrote:

I loved your quote about white women following White men and I posted it on my website. I think it’s very awesome. I will even put it in my newsletter.

The support that women give to men will push them forward. It’s a fact. In the 2nd Anglo-Boer war when the Jewish-British were throwing the White women and children into the Concentration camps where many died, the women and the men, through intermediaries were able to send messages to each other. The White women constantly indicated to the White men that they must continue on fighting. I read that. That shows the teamwork between men and women and that the women were willing to continue suffering as long as the men would just keep on fighting.

I also have read that in the time of the Romans, when German men fled and ran away from the battlefield, that there were some White women with swords who were known to cut their own men down! Those German women would not put up with cowardice.

You’re right there’s a lot of team work that goes into Western society, and in our society ESPECIALLY, men and women have different tasks. We are more like this than any other race. We operate in "specialised mode". Jews of course try to confuse the issue.

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