The Bizarre Story of Jewish Afrikaners – Ashekenazis who tried to be BOERS! – Pieter Dirk Uys is a JEW!


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NB: This video was banned off Youtube in December 2016. This is part 1 of the fabulous little book: The Great Jewish Masque, written in 1936. This little book makes a fascinating study (dont miss parts 5 & 6). The mysterious author of this was EXCEPTIONALLY well-versed in the history of the Middle East & the Jews. (Modern scientific research confirms most of what he wrote but well return to this later in the series).

[I have uncovered something I've never heard of before. These are Jews, including Ashkenazi Jews who became boers. But some of them only did so for a short while. e.g. Olga Kirsch who did poetry in Afrikaans. But she then left South Africa for Israel in 1948. She also hated APARTHEID, which started in 1948. And like all Jewish scum she hated nationalism and she hated it that Boers were becoming united. A big surprise for me is the weirdo Pieter-Dirk Uys. He was doing weird comedy in South Africa during Apartheid including dressing up as a woman, which was completely unlike the way the Whites here are. I thought it was weird and creepy back then. It turns out he's a half-Jew – Father was a Christian and mother was from Hitler's Germany. But she never told them she was Jewish and it was something her children discovered when she had died. But if your mother is Jewish, then Jews will accept you as 100% Jewish. So, even if he is not religiously Jewish, he is racially accepted by the Jews as Jewish. One of my first discoveries when I came to South Africa in 1981 was that actors and that world of "entertainment" was filled with weirdo creeps. I met one in my first year in the military. He told me a lot of stories from Johannesburg. Art has definitely degenerated since the time of Hitler. But officially on Wikipedia, Pieter-Dirk Uys is listed as an Afrikaner Jew. Jan]

Afrikaner-Jews: Afrikaner-Jode, also called Boerejode

Afrikaner-Jews (Afrikaans: Afrikaner-Jode, also called Boerejode) are Jewish Afrikaners.[1] At the beginning of the 19th century, when greater freedom of religious practice was permitted in South Africa, small numbers of Ashkenazi Jews arrived from Britain and Germany. They established the first Ashkenazi Hebrew congregation in 1841.[2] Between the end of the 19th century and 1930, large numbers of Jews began to arrive from Lithuania and Latvia. Their culture and contribution changed the character of the South African community.

According to the South African Jewish Museum, "Many of the later immigrants arrived with no resources other than their wits and experience. Most could not speak English when they arrived. Often they would learn Afrikaans before English. Their households were often multi-lingual, with parents speaking Yiddish and Afrikaans, and the children learning English at school."[citation needed]

Notable Afrikaner-Jews
Olga Kirsch, was a noted Afrikaans author and poet.
Pieter-Dirk Uys, is a South African satirist, active as a performer, author, and social activist.
Joel Stransky, rugby player.
Adam Friedland, stand-up comedian, sketch comedian, and podcaster


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Pieter-Dirk Uys

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Born 28 September 1945 (age 78)
Cape Town, South Africa
Alma mater University of Cape Town
Occupation(s) Satirist, performer, author, social activist
Pieter-Dirk Uys (/’e?s/; born 28 September 1945) is a South African performer, author, satirist, and social activist. One of his best known roles is as Evita Bezuidenhout, an Afrikaner socialite.

Background and early life
Uys was born in Cape Town on 28 September 1945, to Hannes Uys, a Calvinist Afrikaner father, and Helga Bassel, a Berlin-born Jewish mother.[1] Hannes Uys, a fourth-generation South African of Dutch and Belgian Huguenot stock,[1] was a musician and organist in his local church.[2] Bassel was a German concert pianist, whom the Nazis expelled from the Reichsmusikkammer in 1935 as part of their campaign to root out Jewish artists.[3] She later escaped to South Africa and managed to take her grand piano with her, with which she taught her daughter, Tessa Uys (b. 1948), now a concert pianist based in London.[1][2][3] Bassel spoke little about her Jewish past to her children. It was only after her suicide that they discovered she was Jewish.[1][2][3] Uys and his sister had an NG Kerk upbringing and their mother encouraged them to embrace Afrikaner culture.[2][4][5]


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