#BS#Photo: Colonialism … This is what a White (French) Conqueror looks like…

#BS#Various people moan about the Whites in Africa and what the Whites did when they came to Africa. This photo below is of a Frenchman in Africa.

The fact of the matter is that the Blacks were so backward that these Whites arriving were almost like aliens from another planet arriving here. So when Whites arrived here, the Blacks were happy to do all sorts of things in order to serve the Whites because the BENEFITS of serving the Whites was far superior to what their backward culture could produce.

So here you see a Frenchman sitting all leisurely while these Blacks push him around at his own leisure and he is like a king.

This is what CONQUEST looks like! This is what happens when EUROPEAN CIVILISATION IS DOMINANT and the White man is almost like a God.

We do NOT have to apologise for our excellence. Nature loves us.

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