3 trucks burnt as protests in Kroonstad spill over to Steynsrus

Three trucks were set alight on the R76 between Steynsburg and Kroonstad on Thursday night. Police spokesperson Captain Stephen Thakeng

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Jewish analysis of the coming white genocide in South Africa by 2030

Future Prospects for South African Youths – Clem Sunter SA’s youth a time bomb: Here are some interesting statistics regarding

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Jan meets Brian Ruhe at The Fash Bash

There were quite a few white American males in “the movement” who did not want to attend The Fash Bash.

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The Fash Bash: Pastor Eli James and Jan meet

When I went to The Fash Bash, I was astounded at how many white Christians pitched up, whom I had

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I want to ask this? Where does our food came from, not in the shops. It came from our Boer

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