Audio: Dennis Fetcho & Jan: Current Emergencies in SA: Electricity chaos & Land Seizures – 2018 Year End

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Video: Jewish Mind Games & Henry Kissinger
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This short 13 minute show was recorded on 2018-12-29. I was the last guest on Dennis Fetcho’s Inside the Live Eye. Brizer from Graham Hart’s show was on there.

Dennis says that other South Africans in the Middle East are lying about South Africa and telling rosy lies about the state of South Africa. Dennis says that the (((Mass Media))) is losing large amounts of money.

Dennis asked for the latest info on South Africa. I discussed the Eskom electricity Chaos, and the talk of massive rolling blackouts again. I also talk about the Christian fears of the Van Rensburg prophecies for a mass black attack on whites on 21st January 2019. I discuss my view that Ramaphosa has converted to Judaism and that the Jews will support his seizure of land in 2019. I talk about the lies in the Mass Media about the land seizure and that the Govt then rammed it through parliament.

Are the whites really powerless? I discuss the whites and their current mindset and their state.

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