Apartheid: Death Flights: Did South Africans throw Black Terrorists into the ocean?

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[In my videos about the Portuguese in Angola, I mentioned that in 1961 the Portuguese were tossing Blacks into the sea from aircraft as a method of execution – which I don't have a problem with. This is fine by me. However, I have NEVER heard of Delta 40 in South Africa or South Africans doing this. The mention of RENAMO is rather strange because RENAMO were in Mozambique and were a Black anti-Communist group started by Rhodesia and then later run by South Africa. So RENAMO are Black allies. I suspect, if this is true, that White South Africans were kindly disposing of the bodies! How nice of them! 🙂 If anyone in SA knows more about any of this, this interests me. Jan]

South Africa

By the late 1970s, the South African apartheid government started implementing death flight executions of rebel group fighters. To do this, the government created a special branch of the South African Defence Force called the Delta 40. Hundreds of ANC, PAC, and SWAPO affiliated activists and guerilla fighters were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean off the Namibian coast during the height of the South African Border War.[27]

Aircraft were also used to dispose of the bodies of prisoners killed by other means beforehand. In one example, five members of a RENAMO rebel faction who assassinated Orlando Christina, the group’s secretary general in April 1983. The suspects were first flown to the Caprivi strip where they were tried by the RENAMO war council, and shot. Their bodies were then wrapped in tarps, weighted, and dropped over the Atlantic, with a false flight plan drawn up.[28]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_flights

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