8 Days in my Technical Hell…

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Just a note folks, I’ve been very tired and worn out.

I was working on 2 very important technical things here at home.

In the one case I have a machine that is very critical for my functioning, and this machine was very buggered. I nearly lost it in February 2020. It is old and very damaged software wise and needs a total reinstall. But it has so much stuff on it that I have no backup for. So I need a backup machine for it. And that is what I struggled with part of the last 8 days. The reason it became a nightmare is solely due to me. I made a mistake when I bought it. Anyhow, eventually I solved everything and it’s working.

The other machine is a very long term experiment into brand new technology that could be very important for me. But it may take me 2-3 years to truly assess it and see if my plans can work. This machine drove me up the wall. I’ve been struggling with it since early in May 2021. I will tell you I nearly LOST MY MIND… during this process.

But today it came right and 70% of what I need is working great. So that’s a huge relief. I really thought I might have thrown my money on to the rubbish heap by doing this experiment.

Anyway, my frustration levels have been at extreme all time highs, and now finally I can rest. I am physically and mentally worn out.

But at least 2 really important things are now finally able to work for me.

This has affected my ability to post here and do stuff. So from tomorrow things will be back to normal. I just had to get over this "hump".

It was driving me nuts I tell you.

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