Whites should have *LOTS* of children – But could it be bad?


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[One of the regular readers of my website sent me this note. This also relates to comments I made on the latest #TeamWhite. Jan]

Hi jan, I appreciate that you say we should have sex and have tones of babies and there shouldn’t be stigmas around bastard babies however we don’t want to be spreading stds and stuff either and raising crappy bastard children because that could fuck up our race too if we introduce generational stds and mental problems into our race and we turn into a dirty sinful race of bastards kind of like blacks if you think about it.

My response:-
Take a look at my videos about the Christian Hutterites in Canada. Prior to the Government messing with them and reducing their family size, those Whites were marrying young and were able to DOUBLE the White Population. For them to have 10+ children was easy and they did it within normal marriage. If you look at the past you will find that Whites used to have really big families, especially over a century ago. There were Boers who had families with as many as 12 kids. I had an Irishman tell me that in Ireland they had as many as 17 kids. Whites had BIG FAMILIES and this was before high tech came.

Regarding Bastard Children:

There were bastard children even in the days of actual marriage – but the difference was that there was no way to detect it. This is a story I heard from someone regarding the discovery of the links between Blood Type and parents. That scientists discovered, in about the 1940s I think, in America, that there were LARGE NUMBERS of children born to married women who were not fathered by their official fathers. The scientists decided to keep this a secret. So bastards were happening, but it was just not known, and many husbands were raising some children which they did not know weren’t theirs.

Nowadays, marriage and the relations between White men and women are a mess, thanks to the Jewish hags who destroyed LOVE and MARRIAGE in the West.

We must remember that we are animals, and that we need to look at our needs as a society versus the rules we have. PERHAPS we need MULTIPLE FORMS OF MARRIAGE? Marriage in its current form is really a Germanic idea. It comes from the German tribes. But before we adopted monogamy, we were also allowing polygamy. The Aryans for example, were polygamists.

In Hitler’s Germany they did NOT treat a girl wrongly if she was pregnant and unmarried. They still looked after her.

Whatever we do, we need to find some kind of system or systems that allows us to have many children. I don’t know what those systems should be. But I’ve seen all sorts of things. Near me, for example, is a woman from Eastern Europe. She has her own home business and she looks after her mother. She never married, but she had 3 white kids, each from a different father and she raised them. And they turned out fine. One of her daughters married a Boer and she’s now got children of her own.

In this modern society, we have a real problem that many want their freedom and they change their minds. Divorce is up. But whatever we do, we need to have methods whereby we encourage more children. It is also not good to force men and women, who are sick of each other, to remain with each other against their will. This can lead to murder.

Nature is on our side. Nature allows the DNA, which determines the IQ, etc to go to the child. Thus whether you have 1 child or 10 children, nature is giving you the same high quality result. The real thing holding us back is: MONEY as well as that women are working and not looking after their children. We need, as a society, to make this easier.

In my view, a mother is more important than a father. My own father died when I was 16. And if you look at Hitler and his father, you’ll see a similar thing. But Hitler’s mother remained around and she looked after him.

A mother is really the CENTRE of the family. And we should try to encourage as well as assist women to fulfill this role. This role is beneficial to our race. There are many women who raise their families alone, either after divorce or after the death of the husband. Remember, even in Rome or other early societies that men could die in war. Yet, those societies continued on.

This business of 1, 2 or 3 children is utter nonsense. We should be having a minimum of 6 kids. My own father came from a family of 6 and my mother from a family of 7. But given the state of modern medicine, I really don’t see why we can’t manage 12 children per woman or even more in some cases.

The raising of children is to the benefit of the GROUP, of the RACE of the NATION. And it should be our HIGHEST PRIORITY. It should be the No 1 Government objective in the West. And women must be freed up from other nonsensical jobs so that they can focus on the CRITICAL TASK of raising the children.

I don’t see any reason why we as a race, with our level of science and organisation cannot tap into the power of nature. Nature is on our side.

There must be answers to this, and the NAZIS in my view did the finest job of this.

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