White men killing other White men – The terrible disaster of Brother Wars – White South Africans killing Italians

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I’m currently doing some quick studying of some military campaigns from before and during WW2 for a video I’m quickly working on. I’m looking at the Italians and their campaigns in Africa, which is something I have never looked into before. I’m looking into it to assess some things.

One of the saddest facts is the situation of White males killing other White males for junk reasons. Now by junk reasons I mean that we are "fighting for nationalist causes" that we believe are valid, but in fact, we are fighting for the wrong things and the harm we are inflicting on other whites is actually rebounding on us.

In the big families that my mother and father came from, NOBODY took part in either WW1 or WW2, except for one uncle of mine who volunteered for WW2.

My uncle, whose first name was Reg, volunteered for WW2 on the basis that he and other white men had been promised farms! (Which they of course never got!!!!). So that tells you how they were lied to. My uncle got into the artillery and fought in North Africa against the Germans and Italians and later my uncle was in beautiful Italy. He told of the beautiful places they were, where they were busy blowing up houses and fighting the Italians and Germans.

The Boers and their views on WW1 and WW2 are topics for discussion for another day. As a rule, they intensely disliked Britain and wanted nothing to do with Britain’s wars. But the cuckold, General Jan Smuts, right-hand man of the faggot Churchill, was a big time globalist, and a lover of Israel, etc. So he was keen as hell to kill any White man who was not doing what Jewish Britain wanted. He was a true slave to Jewish Britain in both WW1, and in WW2.

Lots of white English speakers were involved in the fighting also in the South African army. In fact, South Africa as a state and as a creation is itself a fascinating story. South Africa is a creation by Jewish Britain, Boers and the English speaking whites. It’s a real hodge podge country that was not a natural creation. It was the creation of British wars and Jewish money among other things.

So just to show you the stupidity of white South Africa and how it was led to its own destruction, consider this:-

1. In WW1, South Africa invaded and seized German South West Africa. Thus destroying and seizing a German territory. SWA remained under white South African control until 1989. In some respects the Whites ruled it well and even cared for the whites and Germans in SWA. But the fact is that they had stolen it from Germany at the behest of Jewish Britain.

2. Even nastier, in WW1, South Africa invaded and fought in German East Africa, seizing the massive territory of Tanzania from Germany and handing it to Britain who then handed it over to the blacks later. Tanzania in fact, became one of the first places where the Chinese later came and then trained blacks in bases there to attack the Portuguese and also South Africa and Rhodesia. So talk about shooting yourself in the foot – you steal a German territory, and it becomes the very base from which your own destruction comes a few decades later.

3. Let’s move to WW2. In WW2 Mussolini invaded what is now Ethiopia. The Italians controlled chunks of territory on the eastern horn of Africa. So Europe extends its control into Africa.

4. Along comes South Africa at the behest of Jewish Britain and invades all the Italian territory in the eastern horn of Africa including Ethiopia and they kill and drive out the Italians. This time a true brother war, killing the Italians and driving them out of East Africa. How does this work out for White South Africa? Well, Decades later, Ethiopia is certainly no friend of the whites, neither are any of the other parts from which they drove out the Italians.

Then of course there are the wars in north Africa where Germany came to aid the Italians, and the British and South Africans and later Americans came to smash the German and Italian armies.

How did that work out for our race? Who in North Africa today are supporters of either: Europe, America or South Africa?

Rhodesians by the way engaged in all this same nonsense too. How did this work out for the Rhodesians? Total loss.

Many Italians were taken prisoner by the South Africans and they ended up coming to South Africa and building some fabulous bridges and roads here. Some liked South Africa so much that they settled here.

But all in all, the big moves, where the whites went and did what Jewish run Britain wanted, was a DISASTER FOR US.

Rhodesians and South Africans went to kill Germans and Italians, and to steal their territories and later when they were on the bones of their asses … it sure would have been nice to have had German or Italian support here in Africa. BUT WE OURSELVES HAD DESTROYED EUROPEANS WHO HAD BIG CHUNKS OF AFRICA.

If you look at where this has brought us … talk about DISASTER.

Brother wars are nonsense, and criminal even.

The Scramble for Africa could on the other hand be seen as the total opposite of that. The scramble for Africa was when Whites came and seized chunks of Africa BUT DID NOT FIGHT EACH OTHER FOR IT. This was a much better thing. In a mere 20 years, Europe seized 90% of Africa.

But the processes, from WW1 and WW2, against Germany and Italy were DISASTROUS. Truly disastrous and disgusting.

In many ways, we Whites should, as a RACE, consider the position of Europe and what is good for Europe as something of high value and importance. The destruction of the European Empires was hideous and terrible.

And for us in Africa, listening to Jewish run Britain … WHAT A BLOODY DISASTER. Talk about scoring own goals and shooting yourself in the foot or in your own ass … well, we did it. We the whites of Africa. What disastrous things we did. We played a big role in DESTROYING OURSELVES.

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