“White” Jews being purged out of their own non-white, anti-white organisations… The Jew Ronnie Kasrils – Communist shitbag

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USA: Black man stabs White woman and has sex with her as she dies...
I was a big fan of the show Medical Detectives. This story really got to me. And this Black man was not even executed.

I was laughing at the ADL and how the leftists and commies are taking on the Jews. The Jews have been playing all sides of the game and this has resulted in natural clashes occuring.

I have pondered intensely, the chat I had with the Jew Ronnie Kasrils who once had been high in Govt. He actually mentioned that he had left the ANC which he had fought for (as our enemy), for decades. I had wondered whether Kasrils, at the end of his life was finding that the things he had set in motion and been a part of, had backfired on him and that is why he’s now moving around among whites?

The Jewish nightmare might be that they need whites and that their greatest success is among the whites whom they hate so much. I think this is what stares them in the face.

My Boer NAZI pal had said for quite some time how he likes the Democrats in the USA, especially Kerry, and also others in the rest of the world like the Iranians, because he was pointing out how these hard core lefties were also doing some nasty work on Israel. I must say, he does have a point.

Here is what I wrote about the Jewish Democratic Alliance here in South Africa, their covert vehicle that they tried to lure whites in with and then they tried to lure in blacks, but with much less success and it nearly ended in total disaster for them:

It is quite bizarre, that leftists and even communists are turning on the Jews. Even in S.Africa we have some (not all) communists, turning on the Jews. All these, by the way are black communists who are turning on the Jews. The Jews even prosecuted one of them. The same Jewish organisation that laid criminal charges against me, also went after a black commie who said the Jews must leave South Africa. I think that the Jewish moves are reaching a point of hypocrisy where their divergent ISMs are reaching a saturation point. Here in SA the Jews have been struggling, and they had to use force and "white power" in order to regain control of the Democratic Alliance, which is their covert vehicle for Liberalism and which sucked in the blacks. Ironically, the blacks who joined the DA actually really wanted communism and racism!!! So it buggered things up and the Jews had to have a power struggle to regain control of the DA. ALL JEWISH NONSENSE IS FAILING. THE WHITE MAN IS RIGHT. IT’S ALL ABOUT RACE!!! NEVER LISTEN TO JEWS. THEY TALK SO MUCH SHIT. Such a race of crap. I’m enjoying the Leftists in the USA who are turning on the ADL. If whites just keep up the pressure you’ll see many things fall apart. But be prepared to take the heat too. It’s not easy, but it is doable.

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