South African living in Canada writes to me: Canada is a lost Liberal Country

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This is from an exchange with a guy who grew up in South Africa and now lives in Canada. He wrote to me when I was under a lot of stress. This was his reply to me after that:

HI Jan,
I hope this reaches you feeling well and not harassed! I did not find your first response sour at all. I could tell you were in a difficult space, but given your circumstances, who could blame you? I was concerned for you, and hope you are going to be alright. Thank you for putting so much of your heart and your knowledge in your emails to me. I am very grateful, so is Anne. I wish I could say I feel the same way about Canada as you do, but I must say I feel that this country is completely lost in libtard lala land. That said, I can understand why you felt the way you did when you visited here. It sure is wonderful and free here compared to most places in the world, especially South Africa where so much is lost. I’ve lived in quite a few places – Australia, UK, here, and of course South Africa for almost my entire childhood. Anne, my wife, got in touch with Monika Shaefer after I got the email from her thanking you for your awesome email to me. It has been wonderful to see that they’ve already begun corresponding. We live in a sea of ignoramuses, albeit mostly nice people. The indoctrination here (liberalism, feminism, hollow hoax lies etc) goes deep, many generations. It can be lonely, as I’m sure you experience, too.
We dearly hope to see you one day. We’d be able to talk each other’s ears off!
Take care and stay in touch,
Fond regards,

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