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A VERY comprehensive, detailed list of Jewish power Everything the Jews control in the USA
This is the most comprehensive and detailed list (with breakdowns and percentages) of Jewish power that Ive yet seen. This is stunning.

[This is from an email to a concerned lady who is following what is happening to us and is trying in her own way to assist her race. But she was worried about whether we can make it. This was my reply to her. Jan]

But don’t feel hopeless.

1) As you say EDUCATION is EVERYTHING. Jewish success is based on the Jewish Mind Worm getting into your head. This is the most crucial thing that is killing us.

2) Whites must NOT BE SILENT. SILENCE = DEATH. Seriously. Refuse to be shut up, make noise, speak to people regardless of how futile it may seem. I see all the time the end results of this and how it helps and whenever my friends and I can spread the word more, we do so, even if it is quietly. NOISE WILL SAVE US, SILENCE WILL KILL US. I’m serious. And that’s why Jews are doing their UTMOST to silence us.

3) Whites have tremendous power and ability. Even when the odds are massively stacked against us, that is nothing. What matters is the awakening and the WILL TO SURVIVE AND WIN. So the worse things get, just grab on to the ever worsening situation and keep talking about it. There may be many more whites observing quietly who say nothing … but it does not mean they are brain dead.

4) Hitler fully understood the motivation of whites and he did many brilliant things. These lessons can be reused. I will not discuss this. This is a sensitive, but critical survival topic.

5) Just as I told my friend Alex Linder, from what we’ve experienced in Africa: Even Christians, even God-loving Christians, when faced with DEATH will fight for their lives. In fact, the more desperate things are, the more powerfully whites will be motivated. The closer we come to the brink, the wilder our response will be. Remember, we are BETTER, and we are a race that has ALWAYS fought for our survival. ALWAYS. We’re not going to die now. (Probably the worst damage we are undergoing is that the cleverest of our women are having the least children AND the families we have are tiny – barely replacement level). The women/family is where we are really DYING. But don’t worry about dying in the physical sense when they try to fight us. We’re more than capable of handling them. It’s not that we CAN’T … its that the strings are pulled by scumbag, weak, political sellouts. It’s NOT that the US Cops can’t stop the rioters … it’s that they are ORDERED to bend their knees. So be aware of the difference between REALITY, what can we DO IF WE HAVE THE MOTIVATION versus what we are NOT DOING simply because the Jewish puppet is pulling the strings. When it comes down to DOING, REALITY, SURVIVAL and KILLING … we’re the GODS OF REALITY. Everyone else is a clown, liar and fool, and the Jews are themselves demented, idiotic, foolish, cowardly and totally child-like. They’re little malicious babies, rather than adults. Whites are the ONLY ADULTS functioning in this world. The worse things get, the closer we get to the cliff, the WILDER our people will become.

6) There will be hell to pay for the endless murder, torture, rape and needless, pointless deaths of our people. The day of revenge will come.

7) We NEED AN ENEMY. This has been apparent to me for a long, especially watching Europe and even the USA. We as a race are very capable and we don’t have real enemies who truly threaten our EXISTENCE. But the Jew is making our nightmare come true, and there will be some nasty stuff coming for them. We NEED an ENEMY, and this will, in the long term FORCE US TOGETHER LIKE NEVER BEFORE. My best memories in Africa are the time of Rhodesia when our tiny white population rebelled against Britain and the world. Small numbers and many enemies bring with it a closeness that is unmatched. It’s very healthy, very FABULOUS, and when you see your side going into action it will make the excitement of TV sport seem like nothing. WHITES WILL SAVE WHITES. WHITES WILL NOT DIE. AND YOU WILL APPRECIATE WHITES LIKE YOU’VE NEVER DONE IN YOUR LIFE. We need this. It will be GREAT for us, and there will be HELL TO PAY TO THOSE WHO HAVE boldly spat in our faces for so long. THERE WILL BE REVENGE. When we come out of this, we are NOT going to be in a pleasant mood at all. We’re going to be raging, raving mad like never before. (Watch how everyone runs for their lives). Mark my words. When the vengeance of our people comes to the fore, you’ll see Jews and Blacks running like never before, and at the front of this will be the Jews. The Jews will flee before anyone else and will leave the blacks to experience our vengeance. The blacks in their turn will be infuriated that they listened to the Jews and that the Jews abandoned them.

8) This is a Jewish and Black and Liberal and Communist HOUSE OF CARDS. Keep pushing. This thing will collapse … EVEN IN SOUTH AFRICA … EVEN IN SOUTH AFRICA!

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Video & Audio: Israeli Snipers were killing American Soldiers in Iraq
This is an extremely nasty story which I suspect has been totally covered up by the Mass Media. It appears this was well known to American soldiers and officers who fought in Iraq after 911. This story is probably classified.It is about (IDF) Israeli Defence Force snipers engaging in false-flag operations and killing American troops.

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