Jewish and Black murder of Whites in America, S.Africa, etc

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This is from a supporter of mine in an email to some folks:

I"m just beginning to investigate this story. David Duke talked about it on a show with Andy Hitchcock. Rittenhouse sounds like a Germanname, and I think the three Jews he shot all had German / Jewish names. Wouldn’t it be sad if the Jews got a brainwashed German
Christian to take a bullet for them? This is why the schools and media are so important to the Jews; because Jews are patient enough to wait a generation and are basically cowards and their evil book the Talmud says that they don’t incur bad karma when they get others to kill and commit other acts of violence on the
Jew’s behalf.

There was a White Man in Texas who was trying to defend his store, all he owned and worked all his life for. After the White Man was
down on the ground, Blacks jumped on his head. The White Man died. There was a White 5 year old executed by his neighbor while
riding his bike. A recent murder of a White Todler in his carriage when his mother made the mistake of taking him to a convenience store.
There was a recent murder of a young White mother of a 3 year old, shot dead point blank because she said "All Lives Matter". I see so many "Black Lives Matter" signs in my neighborhoods, and so many of them are stupid, brainwashed Whites. Maybe it will be survival of the smartest and all the people stupid enough to wear masks will start dying of heart disease and cancer. If people would wake up, this could all be turned around.
I get permanent bans from faceberg, everybody is banned from youtube. OUR PRESIDENT is even banned!!! Imagine that.

Jan just sent something out yesterday about the Black Teenage Murders of a 60 year old White Man at a Maryland County Fair who only got "anger management counseling" and not jail time. This ruling means it is open season on White People in America as it is open season on White People in South Africa, Europe,Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the only difference being that many Americans still have their guns. Sigh. I don’t know how White People can rise up and get rid of these crooked judges and politicians.
The only thing I can see to do for myself is try to educate people. This would be a very long letter if I talked about all the insanity going on
with the Covid Hoax. The only thing I can see to do is to inform each other and inform as many as we can. Love, Peace and Protection out to all of you, especially the ones who the Jews are going after.

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