What a Boer Missile Engineer taught me about The Bible…

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Video: The Two Emperors of the White Race
Napoleon & Hitler: Why did they succeed? I analyse & give the background to the ONLY 2 white men who united most of Europe & ruled most whites in the last 200 years.

The Whites of Southern Africa, especially the Boers, have been in isolation for long and there is much that we can learn from other whites. There are also things we can teach whites outside Africa too. But it is worth looking at what other whites have found and done.

At the link below you’ll see what my Boer pal, Leon, who died last year, taught me about The Bible. Click on the link to see: http://historyreviewed.com/index.php/my-boer-pagan-pal-has-died-a-missile-testing-boer-who-loved-hitler-the-white-race-hated-jews/

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Video: Hamas attack on Israel: Is this a Life or Death fight for the existence of Israel?
Some South African supporters of Loving Life asked for my opinion of this war in Israel and what it could lead to. This is my analysis of the Middle East and what I think about this war between Israel and Hamas. I also look at the Syrian Civil war and we take a look at ALL the Arab/Muslim nations from Egypt to Iran and what threats they might pose to Israel. I also discuss American and Russian military power in the region. Can the region go nuclear? I go into quite a lot of political and military analysis of this conflict.

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