2007: S.Africa: AIDS: Drug Resistant TB: People will die like flies in southern Africa

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[Some awesome comments and info from Chris who is a pathologist in the Free State.

Chris, your info is fascinating about the mines too. So XDR-TB is going rampant hey? Interesting if it is spreading to Zim. I was hearing that AIDS is killing blacks in Zim like flies already… and if XDR TB kicks in.

Look, if the ANC can’t save the blacks – that’s their problem. Chalk it up to one more example of how much better off blacks would have been under white rule. I’m sure whites would have taken many MANY more measures to counter AIDS, TB, etc. But in the long run, the blacks voted for the ANC, and the ANC will look them in the face and lie to them while they’re dying.

At least we don’t have that on our conscience. Jan]

Hi Jan,
Sorry to only write now again, but time is a severe problem. Regarding XDR-TB: yes,I think it is a mammoth problem on the horizon. The disease was already reported in over 39 hospitals nationwide. It is also reported to have spread from SA to Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The chances of HIV negative persons to contract the disease is quite slim, but HIV(43)+ patients are going to die like the proverbial flies. What does the ANC do?? NOTHING!!!!! It is politically incorect to admit that they have once again let “the people” down. Useless idiots! So there we have it, HIV (43)+ XDR-TB = negative population growth. Perhaps not a bad idea.

I am now also advising a person on the shocking underground conditions going on in the mining industry. The black workers do not use toilets down there and faecies are lying around in the tunnels. The spread of enteropathogenic E.coli and human intestinal parasites is shocking!!!! There are also a population of black slaves living underground that never see the sun. They steal gold to barter for food. This is a black gang operation. Who knows about this??? Adio Africa. What a sad ,sad place.

Source: https://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=110055

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