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Video: General Von Manstein: Advice on HOPELESS sitations for Nations
Many Whites have told me that our situation is hopeless in all our nations including here in S.Africa. In this video I take a look at brilliant White men who lived through the hell of war and what they thought about hopeless and desperate situations. What did these men think who had spent years of their lives handling desperate, dangerous and hopeless situations.

I will be issuing an update about the websites and what has happened that has concerned me.

I’ve been spending most of the last 30 hours looking at what I’ve been working on over the last 3 years which has allowed me to function.

The Jewish scum can’t leave anything alone… The struggle between whites and Jews is a permanent thing. I will explain more later.

In the meantime I’m about to release a video I had been working on before this nonsense came up.

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Video: JEWS101: Whites colonised Blacks; Jews colonise Whites! - Introduction to the Jewish problem
This short video is an introduction to the Jewish problem between Whites and Jews.

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