WARNING: WARNING: Recruiting of White Right Wingers especially Trusted Boers to SPY…

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Video: How the Church betrayed the Boers and is directly responsible for the White Genocide
This is an absolutely brilliant video that was made in 2017. The Boers were TOTAL believers in the Bible and in Christianity. It had kept them going through the hardships of life in Africa.

There is a recruiting campaign going on. Someone is busy recruiting WHITES to SPY ON THE WHITE RIGHT WING IN SOUTH AFRICA.

I’m not sure if it is the South African Government directly, or whether it might be a Private Company that is doing spying work for the South African Government.

But there is an attempt to recruit TRUSTED BOERS in the White Right to spy on other Whites.

This is happening RIGHT NOW.


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USA‘s No 1 WHITE Racial Prisoner: Reverend Matt Hale
Please help Matt Hale. He was a Reverend in the Church of Creativity. Learn about the despicable story of what Jews did to him! He will be in jail for 40 years WITHOUT EVER HAVING COMMITTED A SINGLE CRIME!

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