WARNING: WARNING: BEWARE of George Galloway the Scottish politician discussing Ukraine War – He likes Jews and hates Whites

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I see that George Galloway, a Scottish politician is on Youtube and he’s doing a lot of interviews that relate to the Ukraine war.

I just want to warn people about George Galloway. Galloway is actually a HARD CORE COMMUNIST! I’m not joking. He’s a firm supporter of the Soviet Union (USSR) before it collapsed. Galloway is also an enemy of White South Africans.

I think I’ve put up a video of him where he even boasts about how he came to South Africa SECRETLY … during White rule. He boasts about when he was in South Africa, sneaking around to get all the dirt and nasty stuff about the Whites … that JEWS in South Africa funded it all and helped him! Jews! Those back-stabbing traitors.

Galloway even boasts about being an agent for the Black Communist (ANC) who rule South Africa and that he was working for them. So Galloway is actually a White hating old Soviet Union commie type.

So keep in mind his communist/Soviet/Russian bias whenever you see him doing an interview. He loves the Russians because he was FIGHTING WHITES and he HATES "RACISM" and "RACISTS" – i.e. Whites.

So when he talks about Ukraine, I don’t bother much.

You will recognise him easily – he speaks with a Scottish accent and often even wears a hat when he’s doing his show. And he’s on the Mass Media … Rest assured, he is no lover of Whites.

Most people don’t know it but Jordan Peterson the anti-White bag of crap is also an old Soviet Communist lover. He apparently has his house full of Soviet Union (Jewish Bolshevist) memorabilia).

Again, he’s no friend of Whites.

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