German writes to me about: S.Africa, Jews, NAZIs; Liberal Hypocrits & Lack of Non-White GRATITUDE


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Hi Jan, Thank you very much for your reply. I hope things are going well for you. I am still enjoying your videos & catching up a bit with your works. Speaking of that, can you point me to a work of yours where you describe how Apartheid ended in SA or how the way was paved for it to end? I’ve read the official fairy tale a bit but as usual one can feel how much is left out etc. Btw. I am amazed you live in Johannesburg (nice German name there :p). I visited SA over 5 years ago and when a guide took us around the first thing he recommended to us was not to go there, lol. Apparently it’s still considered the most dangerous city in the world. Guess you have to know the place well to be safe. It was very interesting driving by the extreme poor areas and a little bit further away you’d see very nice houses protected by barb wire combined with electric fences. Why aren’t all those liberals taking in those poor people, eh? :D. Those damn hypocrites. Other than that SA is a very beautiful place I must say. Personally I can’t say that antisemitism is growing much here, in fact I don’t even hear people debating politics in general. When I am with relatives I often think to myself "please say something about politics" but it’s 99% just small talk nonsense (e.g. what abilities does the new IPhone have). I must say though that I don’t think we have many Jews here but probably lots of cryptos. When people are infected with their crap it hardly matters anyways, they do their work for them. Personally I never had any contact to any Jew (that I know of) but on a negative side I never met a National Socialist either. I used to be always very open minded and would have talked to either, just never happened. At least there is more rejection towards the "refugees" but it’s still far from anything radical, but at least people are picking up tiny things. For more than 5 years we are taking care of these fake refugees who left their people & families behind to live an easy life here or because they have dreams of taking over. There is no information coming from the politicians on when they are leaving and of course to think that they are ever supposed to leave is an illusion anyhow. They are supposed to stay here and breed like rabbits, which they do. I don’t know if you know but we were tricked before with so called "guest workers" from Turkey. They were supposed to leave a long time ago but they’re still here in huge amounts, they make up the largest group of foreigners. We took them in when Germany was economically strong again and when our people had no use for them, apparently they were starving over in Turkey so it was a liberal thing. Brings to mind your stance on letting nature taking care of it – totally agree! Neither them nor the "refugees" know any gratitude anyways. Tell them that Whites are evil and they will have forgotten all of what you did for them in an instant. One can compare this with Blacks in the USA now protesting against "racism" and bringing up the slavery crap. As far as I know American Whites ended slavery so if anything they should be thankful. Politicians here support the Turks even with made up stuff, e.g. Turks having helped in rebuilding Germany which is a very prominent and complete lie but it gets spread by politicians and media from time to time just so that we Germans are reminded that we can’t exist on our own without taking in foreigners. … snip (stuff about nukes not being real – from Flat Earth guy) … but I guess this applies to us all unless for a few individuals like engineers & architects who only work on solving 9-11 and I don’t see them making better progress than us mortals :). Also if you listen to them they still believe they can tackle this via the system & "demand answers". They might be experts in their fields but they are still brainwashed heavily. If we just left it to the experts we could hardly touch any topic at all and even if experts are working on solving a conspiracy like 9-11 we can see how little coverage they get. Just imagine if we took history at face value from all these countless so called historians who can absolutely assure us that Jews got holocausted. We are far better off trusting our own eyes and logic. If I may give some positive criticism I think you are falling for a certain trap where you ask questions about a topic that you believe in and disregard the evidence that speaks against it. Bringing it back to the Holocaust it is safe to say that thousands of lies have been debunked over the decades and yet I still see new claims every so often. People who believe that it happened bring these up instead of focusing on all that has been debunked. I’ve seen that in my family as well somewhat recently when I talked to them about 9-11. I mentioned all the things that are impossible but they would just focus on things that I couldn’t explain so they somehow disregard the idea as a whole that it must have been a false flag. People are extremely brainwashed and to a degree we ourselves still suffer from the aftermath I think. Guess that might been a little bit long again but I am just starving to being able to talk to someone who bothers with essential things as well, sorry :). Take care!

Thanks for your message. I’m posting the vast amount of it minus the nukes stuff.

You write about many interesting things and I agree with it.

I found it interesting that you never met a Jew or a NAZI in Germany. That’s interesting. Could it be that Germans generally are afraid to still speak about the past? The Germans have been brainwashed intensely. Indeed brainwashing of Germans must be the most intense that any race or nation has experienced in all of history.

If millions of your people were slaughtered then it is understandable that you are not keen to jump up and go against the system. The Boers are somewhat like this, but less so, since we have a new crisis. However, another good example is the constant bashing of the South in the USA and the Confederate states. They’ve tried a lot to speak their mind and have fought against the race issue even long after their defeat.

I would think the Germans are the most afraid. When you’ve had your country smashed to the ground and millions killed, you’re not in the mood to challenge the great powers.

About Johannesburg.
I used to go anywhere, but some parts are now so dangerous that even I avoid it. I do NOT seek to go to the "poor areas" except if some whites are there. The suburb next to mine contains a lot of poorer whites. Not true "poor whites" but people with a really low income and there are some coloureds, Portuguese, etc there among them. But its a far cry from the total collapse of other areas … for now. However, I am convinced that all whites will have to learn to exist in "pockets" – "communities" and this is coming everywhere, but obviously we are the leaders in this due to our small numbers. But one can survive and possibly even thrive if the cohesion is tight enough. Whites MUST LEARN to STICK TOGETHER AT ALL COSTS.

Interestingly, the other day I contacted an important scientist, whose work I want to study more closely. He is one of the few whose spoken out about race and the future. I asked him his view of the future. This was his terse reply: I am very pessimistic because I think that with continued immigration the indigenous European people will become minorities in the second half of the century.

We are all in for a struggle. These Jewish ideas are hideous. But I noticed with my Jewish friends, when I still had any, a definite, deep hatred of Europe – all of Europe – though of course, as always, Germans in particular.

I feel sorry for the German people. They are fine people and all of our race is in a huge nasty nightmare and it is all directly due to most of our race siding with stupid American and British and even French controlled Jewry. What a disaster those "2 world wars" were. All aimed at preventing the true rise of Germany as the dominant power of Europe.

There is so much to be said on this. Watch when I put out videos about Britain and you’ll see the disaster and grovelling that it brought to the British. What a disaster, even for them.

The Turks are of interest to me because how did they become such a number in Germany? I suspect it comes from the time when Germany was friendly to the Ottoman Empire in the 19th Century?

You do make a good point about the silence of the academics. The academics are very much controlled themselves and are in no place to fight a brutal "war of words". However, everyone will be forced to. We whites will have to fight tooth and nail, especially on the propaganda and racial front.

Your discussions with family are interesting. But you see, if someone has come to KILL YOU, and they forced their ideology on you on PAIN OF DEATH, which is what the USA and its allies, at the behest of Britain did, then people are not keen to make trouble. People then fear future bad things.

Alfred Schaefer believed that the awakening in Germany would take off and lead to revolution. I have heard that the Volks Lehrer is doing great work teaching people.

But I suspect at a point, one needs political motivation.

Our race is moved by ideas, and herein lay the genius of Hitler. He knew this and he invented the greatest idea of all, National Socialism. It was the real prospect of German success and greatness that triggered the reactions of weaklings in Britain, America, etc to then go for the Jewish hatred and their hideous ideas.

Germany’s ideas were BRILLIANT and should be retried and reused in the future, allowing for more modern technology.

There is much to say.

Re: Let Nature take its course
Nature would save us quickly if we focused on nature and reality. We can win … even against billions of people.

The real problem is lack of true leadership, true intellect, etc. Jews suppress everything, AGGRESSIVELY which favours this race of rats and liars. Their hatred of Germany knows no bounds. They lie aggressively even when they are wrong.

They know the power of propaganda. Thus they lie boldly and constantly and never admit defeat. Eventually, whites will find that LOGICAL DISCUSSION IS NOT POSSIBLE. Eventually, we have to fight and struggle for our existence. But I believe that when faced with death, whites WILL RISE TO THE OCCASION. The battle will get more intense.

What you can do as a German, is to speak quietly to people you know and ask them why they reject certain ideas. Try to get into their heads AND HEARTS and see if you can determine what are the key issues holding up their ability to grasp this. I also suspect, from my interaction with Germans here, that Germans are very afraid of being seen as "evil". "Goodness", a concept seized by Jews by way of religion, is a big problem area. Our race believes in it.

There is so much more I could say, but I urge you to investigate the minds of other Germans whom you can speak to in TRUST. Try to find out, through gentle questioning, what EXACTLY are the sticking points that force them to avoid this discussion. Once we know what that is, then we can make progress. But there have to be things … even NON-LOGICAL THINGS. Emotional things and FEARS… that drive them. We need to find out what they are and then see how these things can be addressed.

What all NON-GERMANS can do, is to fight aggressively in defence of Germans. I think that’s the most critical thing. The rest of us must, AGGRESSIVELY get stuck into Jews and anyone who tries to lie about the Germans. In this regard Americans like Jim Rizoli and Diane King have done marvellous work.

The good side of this is that it will force our race together to work as a racial, global team in order to save civilization, the West and our race. We also do NEED enemies. We need it. It’s healthy. The NEW WHITES who will come out of this process, will make mincemeat of anyone who stands in their way. They won’t waste time or effort debating. They’ll get down to the business of tearing down anything that stands in the way of racial survival. The ubermensch can easily come out of this, and it will be excellent for us.

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