WARNING COLLAPSE: South Africa’s fuel production drops 80% in 3 years – My Comments


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[I was very fascinated by this when this originally happened. This happened when the COVID crap started and I literally could not believe my eyes. I had NEVER seen headlines like that here in South Africa or southern Africa. But now you can see that BIG problems are coming from this. SASOL is our (German Technology) Coal-from-Oil setup. It's still running, but I'm not quite sure why they are shutting down now. Under White rule, SASOL was our unique, German-technology ability to NEVER NEED OIL FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. In fact, under Apartheid, the Government went and pumped old used mines full of oil … so we could survive even in WAR! All that White Afrikaans planning has now gone to hell in a handbasket. This article is actually quite creepy. If you read this carefully, you'll see that part of the reason why we had masses of rolling Blackouts was because (a) The electricity generating plants were collapsing, (b) The backup plan was to generate electricity using diesel generators but they could not get diesel to Eskom. So as I've said before, Black inefficiency leads to one problem which compounds another problem. We seem to be heading ever closer to serious collapse – like real serious collapse. I would advise South Africans who've not begun some kind of prepping, to rather get going. Stock away on food, fuel, etc. We've never had fuel shortages before. Also, Black inefficiency leads to many other problems. For example, the collapse of the rail system led to masses of heavy trucks wearing out and damaging the roads. That's been going on for 20 years.  But, if you read below, the Ports can't handle all this oil that's coming in and their infrastructure is also collapsing. Despite the (((Liberals))) pumping in huge amounts of money to save the Blacks, I think that Black collapse is coming. I'm very happy about this. But it seems to me that if people are not saving away some fuel, they could run into some nasty problems. Water is also coming to be a problem – but that's still much lower on the list of problems. Here in SA these Blacks LOVE driving endlessly. They have no conception of what can happen. I like this. This massive fuel production drop is a big thing. This could lead to a whole new set of nightmare problems like the electricity. The beauty about all this is that BLACKS are a HUGE LOAD on the whole system. If we begin having fuel problems on top of electricity problems … we'll be nose diving down faster. Personally, I'm happy that things are going down this path. It's time for this charade to come to an end. And hardship piling up, will make Whites very angry. I like it. Let this stupid ship sink. Jan]

Of the six fuel refineries that operated in South Africa in 2019, only two are currently producing fuel, which reflects an 80% drop in output over three years, reports Bloomberg.

According to Avhapfani Tshifularo, executive director of the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA), the reason for this massive drop in production is because of “unplanned shutdowns.”

One such shutdown happened in August, when Sasol temporarily closed the largest refinery in the country due to a delayed shipment of goods, thereby flooding the market with imported fuels.

Moreover, South Africa’s shrinking refinery capacity could be impaired even further if the upgrades needed to meet new clean-fuel standards by 2027 are not implemented, said SAPIA.

By this time, the country aims to introduce a 10ppm sulfur content cap as well as a 1% benzene limit in its fuels.

As such, SAPIA said the industry will need financial support so that it can recover over the next four years, warning that the “current port infrastructure is not suitable for increased imports of liquid fuel for the long term.”

The below table, supplied by Bloomberg, details the output of South Africa’s fuel refineries if they were to realise their full capacity:

Potential fuel shortages

South Africa’s waning refinery fleet has caused the country to become increasingly reliant on imported fuels, which has significantly increased the risk of fuel shortages.

As it stands, Sasol’s temporary shutdown increased the local reliance on international fuels, and a delayed delivery of diesel in Mossel Bay is one of the reasons for the intense loadshedding South Africans have had to endure over the past months since Eskom has become highly dependant on diesel to generate electricity.

Additionally, diesel prices have been increasing at a rapid pace due to rising global demand and lacking supply of this fuel type.

Coupled with major strikes at South Africa’s main ports which have created severe backlogs and disruptions, there is a possibility that fuel pumps may start to run dry over the coming months if current market conditions persist.

Source: https://topauto.co.za/features/61982/south-africas-fuel-production-drops-80-in-3-years/?utm_source=newsletter

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