Video: South Africa’s Highest Court Set To Free The Continent From The New World Order & The Central Bank – My Comments

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Video & Audio: S.Africa: Blacks who openly talk about killing all the Whites
In this video I show examples of Blacks in South Africa in the last decade or even recently who openly spoke about killing ALL WHITES! They mention hideous things they would like to do to us.

[This is doing the rounds here in South Africa. This is a bold move by some attorneys. It’s good to see some South Africans trying. But I can tell you, from my grasp of legal stuff and politics in South Africa, that the Constitutional Court will NEVER ALLOW THIS. NEVER. In fact, I will be doing a show with my attorney about a case that Whites did win all the way to the Constitutional Court and the Constitutional court killed it. When you understand that case, then you’ll know why this case is going to fail. But it’s good that people are trying and doing stuff. Maybe it will finally embolden these attorneys in South Africa finally. Jan] >>>

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